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Awesome news! Your Segmentation Certified course has arrived

We wasted no time in helping the PMM community enhance their knowledge, and served up a persona certification at the turn of the year, followed by our narrative design course.

But as a certain hip hop trio famously said: “three, is the magic number”, so we’ve turned a delightful double into a tasty trio, with yet another certification: Segmentation Certified.

👩🏼‍🏫 5 modules
📙 26 chapters
📝 7 activities
🛠 10 templates
⏰ 3 hours of content
👨🏼‍💻 100% self-paced

Not to mention an official certification, to cap it all off. 😉

And as is the case with our other courses, once you’ve signed up, the content is yours for keeps - until the end of time.

The benefits of taking part

Where do we begin?

Let’s start with the basics: effective segmentation plays a fundamental role in helping you and your organization define your customers and understand a) their needs and b) how you can deliver what they want.

The better you market, the more products you’ll sell, the more money you make. 🤑

Our segmentation certification has been built with one aim, and one aim only: to help you improve your understanding of key principles, and by the time you’ve worked your way through the uber thorough syllabus, you’ll know how to:

✅ Build value-based segmentation
✅ Identify your best customers
✅ Discover customer value
✅ Establish how much your customers are willing to pay
✅ Build high-converting Go-to-Market strategies
✅ Measure segmentation success
✅ Articulate and understand the benefit of customer segmentation
✅ Apply segmentation across your whole organization and customer lifecycle.

We’ve covered everything you need to know. Top to bottom. Back to front - it’s all here.

Who delivers the course?

Our Segmentation Certification is delivered by Tamara Grominsky, VP of Strategic Growth at Unbounce, a product marketer who knows the area like the back of her hand.

An expert in bringing new products to market, positioning existing products for expansion, and driving sustainable revenue growth at high-tech companies, Tamara shares the pearls of her wisdom in each of the course's 5 modules.

She’s cut her cloth at the highest level; now, you can reap the benefits of her tuition. 🧠

What’s included in the curriculum?

Everything you need to know about segmentation - and then some. 🔥

We’ve worked arduously to conjure a curriculum that ticks the essential areas, from how to MAP your customers, to selecting your segments.

Some might call us cocky in saying it’s the best certification of its kind, but is it cocky if we know that it’s true? 😏

Take a look for yourselves, and have a peek at some of the topics covered in the 5 modules:


👀 An introduction to segmentation

👀 Applications for segmentation

👀 Segmentation vs personas

MAP your best customers

🗺 How to measure volume
🗺 How to analyze performance
🗺 How to prioritize performance

Create segmented profiles

👨‍💻 Creating your profiles
👨‍💻 Jobs, pains, and gains
👨‍💻 Pricing value

Build a segmented Go-to-Market strategy

🚀 Onboarding
🚀 Engagement
🚀 Retention

Measure and iterate

📊 Measuring success

And there is a whole lot more waiting for you when you begin your studies.

Which templates are included?

When done correctly, segmentation can be worth its weight in gold, but if you get it wrong, the effects can hinder your short and long-term goals.

Enroll now in the Segmentation Certified course and get access to a collection of templates, vetted and tested by professionals, including:

🛠 MAP framework diagram
🛠  Data request sheet
🛠  Segment hypothesis template
🛠  Jobs to be done template
🛠  B2B segment profile interview questions
🛠  Segment profile template
🛠  Customer email template
🛠  Customer sentiment audit template
🛠  Segmentation measurement plan template

Some ringing endorsements...

Seed of doubt still sewn in your mind?

Then you’ll wanna check in with PMMs who’ve been there, done it, and earned their segmentation certification. 🏅

“Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are the three pillars of modern marketing. Great segmentation is the bedrock for GTM success but is overlooked by so many. This course teaches you how to build and maintain effective value segmentation. The templates’ quality is second to none, and Tamara’s delivery makes for a pacy and interesting learning experience. Get on board.”

Sean Broderick, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Altify

“This is one of the very few courses that has the correct perspective on segmentation. Tamara does not just lift the lid on why it’s important, you get the actionable frameworks, processes, and tools to be able to do your segmentation, further fuelling your superpower as a PMM.”

Harvey Lee, Product Marketing & Innovation Director at Avast

"Even after learning about segmentation numerous times in school, and recently completing a segmentation exercise at work, this course was still able to provide new insights and frameworks that will no doubt be incredibly useful for future segmentation work. Whether you consider yourself to be a segmentation novice or a pro, this course will unlock tools and take-aways to elevate your segmentation game to the next level.”

Mark Assini, Product Marketing Manager at Voices.com

100% satisfaction rate - not a bad return, if we may say so. 😜

Persona certification? ✅

Narrative design certification? ✅

Segmentation certification… 👀

Tuck into the third part of a delightful treble.

Get Segmentation Certified.

🗺 How to measure volume
🗺 How to analyze performance
🗺 How to prioritize performance

Written by:

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence is our Copywriter here at PMA who loves crafting content to keep readers informed, entertained, and enthralled. He's always open to feedback and would be thrilled to hear from you!

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Awesome news! Your Segmentation Certified course has arrived