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Narrative Design Certified is finally here

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We are so beyond excited to announce that Narrative Design Certified is here!

All the tools you need to design your company’s narrative and tell a story that really resonates are finally at your fingertips, we’re talking:

💻  3 modules 
📖  23 chapters
✅  57 exam questions
🖋 2 activities
⏰  3 + hours of content
☝  100% self-paced
🥇  Official certification

Oh, and how does access to the course content for life sound? 😉

Why should I take this course?

Because stories are everything in product marketing and narrative design is rapidly emerging as a PMM’s go-to strategy.

Whether you’re looking to transform your company’s positioning or impress your CMO with your immense narrative skills, this course offers the most cutting-edge approach to storytelling and positioning available anywhere.

With all the knowledge provides in your arsenal, you’ll be well and truly primed to help your company stand out from the crowd and drive real and tangible organization-wide change.

Who built this course?

None other than Marcus Andrews himself! 👆

Marcus is the Director of Product Marketing at Pendo.io. Before joining Pendo.io, he was the Product Marketing Group Lead at HubSpot, and prior to that, he spent almost four years at Google. He’s been a solid storyteller all his life, but it wasn’t until he developed the Narrative Design process that he was able to codify, replicate, and consistently create amazing stories.

A look at the curriculum

When you sign up to Narrative Design Certified you’ll be taken through a practical and actionable step-by-step framework centered around defining your narrative.

I mean, just check out some of what’s on offer…


✋  Why narrative design?
✋  Examples of narrative design in action
✋  The flywheel
✋  Drift’s narrative design
✋  Building a foundation for narrative design


⚾ Pitching the process
📼 Video pitch

Bonus footage

🎤 Interview with Dave Gerhardt

Designing a narrative

✅ Instructions for how-to design a narrative
✅ The change
✅ The impact of that change on a specific audience
✅ How companies should adapt
✅ The challenge
✅ What you’ve built up

Bonus footage

🎥 Narrative design case study

Rolling out and maintaining your narrative  

🚀 Creation process and rollout
🚀 Rolling out the narrative internally
🚀 Launching your narrative internally
🚀 Tying your narrative to a product launch
🚀 Best practices

I need to convince my boss

We thought that might be the case (well, we didn’t, the course sells itself, obv. But we know how it is…), which is why we did the hard part for you and put together this handy template.

Oh, and did we mention we do team rates too? If you have a team of three or more talk to Caitlin on caitlin@pmmalliance.com

What’s everyone saying?

The early reviews have been glowing!

Elisa Lippincott, Principal of 917 Productions found the course invaluable...

"This course made me realize how much I’ve been stuck in the marketing storytelling rut of 'problem/solution/we’re the best.' Marcus does a great job of outlining the process to flip the conversation to take the focus off of your company and focus on your customers to tell a story that will break through and stand out even in the most crowded markets. The class comes with a great set of tools and a great real-world case study. I highly recommend."

Ashley Herbert, Head of Product Marketing at Recruitee can’t wait to get started.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course!! It was sooo helpful. Not only were you able to dig further into the process that he went through at HubSpot but he also ran through a case study at another company he worked with and gave clear examples of how to execute on something like this internally and externally. I can't wait to use this with my own company!"

So there we have it, get yourself out of that tired old storytelling rut and weave a narrative that makes prospects take notice.

Heck yes!

Sign me up

Written by:

Emma Bilardi

Emma Bilardi

Emma is a Manchester-based freelance writer. She's been writing for as long as she can remember, and in the last few years predominantly about product design.

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Narrative Design Certified is finally here