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Join the eight-week PMM Leadership Accelerator in 2023

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What is the PMM Leadership Accelerator?

An eight-week live and interactive program for leaders covering everything you need to be a PMM expert, from scaling teams, data, and budgets, to strategies. As well as leadership-specific modules to cover all the quintessential areas needed to shine in your leadership role, and be the best leader you can be.

Throughout the eight weeks, there'll be:

👩‍💻 Live weekly presentations & Q&A with successful PMM leaders (who've been there and done that)
🎬 Weekly on-demand curriculum to learn on your own schedule
🧠 Hands-on coursework to apply knowledge to practice
🙋‍♀️ Private networking sessions with fellow PMM leaders in your cohort
🛠 A bank of industry-standard templates to hit the ground running

Who will you hear from? 🧠

Who is the PMM Leadership Accelerator for?

👉 Aspiring product marketing leaders preparing to take the step into leadership in the next 12 months
👉 Product marketing leaders leading small teams that need a quick booster on leadership strategies
👉 Established product marketing leaders who want insights into tried and tested strategies and build lifelong connections with other fellow leaders

What previous attendees had to say 💬

"This course was so packed full of value and I learned everything I wanted to learn coming in, plus much, much more. I feel confident using everything I learned and applying it in my role."
- Micah Horner, PMM, TimeXtender
"I have learned a ton from this course and built a strong foundation that I now need to translate into practice at my own company. As product marketing is different in different environments, some of the elements of the course are not currently applicable. I will take the learnings from this course with me and have them in my back pocket when I need them in the future."
- Amy Stephens, Senior Product Manager, WeSpire

Join our upcoming cohort on Feb 27 but be quick as seats are limited to ensure maximum interactivity, or download the brochure below for more info.

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Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

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Join the eight-week PMM Leadership Accelerator in 2023