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Product Marketing Certified: Core taster session on demand

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Product Marketing Certified: Core is our flagship certification, recognized by 5,600+ PMMs as the leading curriculum and gold-standard for aspiring, new, and seasoned product marketers to excel in the field.

Not sure you're ready to take the plunge yet or if it's for you?

Don't fret. Deciding where to invest your learning & development can be a tough call.

Here's a Q&A session with Collette Johnson, our Expert in Residence discussing the course curriculum and answering common questions.

In this recording, she'll cover all the important bits you need to know before you decide to invest:

⭐️ An intro to PMA and Product Marketing Certified: Core.
📚 Overview of the course format and sneak peeks into key modules.
📈 Why and how PMMC is pivotal for your professional development.

Just fill in the form.👇

And if you're interested in joining the upcoming live session with some burning questions of your own, head over here.

About Product Marketing Certified: Core

From research to optimization, Product Marketing Certified: Core explores (cliche alert!) the A to Z of product marketing, and with PMMC in your pocket, you'll have an accredited stamp of approval from the most prominent PMMs in the world, designed to propel your professional growth.

Think: Adobe, Meta, Uber Eats, IBM, HubSpot, and LinkedIn just to name a few.

How should you take the course? Well, that's completely up to you:

On-Demand → Online, self-paced, from the comfort of your own home.

Live & Online (part-time) → Get certified across two days or four weeks.

Live & Online (full-time) → Take the fast track and get certified in one day.

In-person → Learn from an expert across, live in the flesh.

With this course, you'll:

🗣 Learn how to truly embody the voice of the customer.
💰 Understand how to get products to market - and keep them there.
📊 Know how to roll out, test, and iterate everything you do.
🚀 Walk away with career-enhancing hacks and skills.

All this and so much more.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned PMM, B2B or B2C, physical or SaaS, unlock the cutting-edge information, frameworks, and private network you need to fuel your professional growth in the fast-evolving world of product marketing with our fully comprehensive and revised certification.

“Whether you’re new to product marketing or looking for a refresher in certain areas of the product marketing discipline, the PMA Core Certification is essential. I love that it’s not just a course that you get tested on at the end.
"It's continuous learning with templates, best practices, a very engaged Slack community and knowledge base, and real-world valuable insights from some of the best in the world.”

Elisa Lippincott, Director of Product Marketing at FireMon

Check out our part-time programs here, our full-time programs here, and our in-person program here.

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Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

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Product Marketing Certified: Core taster session on demand