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The Positioning Certified: Masters course has arrived

Messaging & Positioning | Product positioning

Positioning can be the difference between success and failure; do it right and you’ll have a receptive audience. Do it wrong and you’ll be lucky if your product registers with consumers at all.

Course overview

Positioning Certified: Masters has been built on the back of decades worth of positioning experience from PMMs at some of the world’s best-known brands.

From enrolment to certification, you’ll be armed with only essential insights, designed to define what makes your product unique, find your product’s place in the market, and excel in one of the most strategically impactful areas of your role.

As always we’ve crammed the course full of real-life examples, informative fireside chats with true experts, road-block busting templates, and of course, exams to test your expanding knowledge. This course provides everything you need to know about what positioning is and how to do it well - really well.

What’s included when I enroll?

The Positioning Certified: Masters course has so much to offer, including:

👨🏼‍💻 5+ hours of course content.

🔥 90 minutes of bonus features with positioning pros April Dunford, Marcus Andrews, and Div Manickam.

🛠 5 tried, tested + vetted templates.

71 exam questions to consolidate the course curriculum.

👌 Lifetime access to all the course’s content - including future updates.

🧠 Facility to ask text-based questions throughout, all of which are answered by a PMM leader.

🔖 Official certification if you pass all the exams.

100% self-paced - learn at a time and pace that works for you.

Enroll Now

Meet your instructor, Bryony Pearce.

Bryony’s the Head of Education here at PMA and if you’re a regular around here, you’ll recognize her from our reports, articles, podcasts, courses, ebooks... in fact, there aren’t many pies she hasn’t got a finger in. 🥧

How, you might wonder, has Bryony come by such enviable pearls of wisdom? Well, it’s all thanks to the powerhouse PMMs surrounding her who continue to offer their tireless support to the PMA cause.

Bryony’s worked with PMM experts from leading global brands like Google, Dropbox, TikTok, and Amazon (just to name a few) to churn out game-changing content you won’t find anywhere else. She’s chomping at the bit to add this certification to the list.

By the end of this course you'll:

✅ Understand why positioning is so important

✅ Learn the ins and outs of strategic positioning

✅ Know how to position for growth

✅ Appreciate the role of teamwork when positioning your product

✅ Understand the correlation between positioning and cross-functional areas

Learn from the best.

Unlock 90 minutes of incredible bonus features from the best of the best within the product marketing industry. Including:

  • April Dunford, CEO at Ambient Strategy
  • Marcus Andrews, Director of Product Marketing at Pendo.io
  • James Doman-Pipe, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Remote

These positioning experts know all there is to know about strategy and are here to help you become an absolute master of positioning.

This course will help you:

🔥 Understand what positioning is and isn’t.

✅ Identify how to carry out a positioning and repositioning exercise.

📈 Recognize the importance of both quantitative and qualitative data and how to conduct customer research.

🛠 Have a tried + tested toolbox of practical and theoretical advice from experts on how to approach positioning.

📝 Track the relationship between positioning and narrative design.

🧠 Understand how to position yourself in relation to your competitors.

👩🏼‍🏫 Know how to position yourself in crowded marketplaces.

Get Positioning Certified

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Product Marketing Alliance

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The Positioning Certified: Masters course has arrived