Retention Psychology Certified

Product Marketing

Keeping customers hooked on your product or service is vital. Yet so many of us focus our product marketing around acquiring customers rather than keeping those we already have. What if there were simple, easy to apply tactics all of us product marketers could use to keep customers on board?

In this masterclass, Brandwatch's Director of Product Marketing, Phill Agnew, will be unpacking just that.

A bit about Phill:

Phill's the Director of Product Marketing for the world's largest social media monitoring company, Brandwatch. While his experience lies in product marketing, he specializes in consumer behavior and hosts the only podcast dedicated to the subject: Nudge.

On the podcast, he interviews a number of interesting characters who study why we make the decisions we make (from buying the latest Nikes, to choosing a salad over a steak). He takes insights from these researchers, authors, and pioneers, and condenses them into useful advice that any product marketer can use to improve their proposition.

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