Once upon a time, there was a product marketer who had an awesome product, with solid market demand and competitive advantage. But no matter how hard the PMM tried to conquer the world, they just couldn’t do it.

Feeling down in the dumps, the PMM stumbled across legendary storytelling master, Elliott Rayner. Elliott whispered three magic words into the PMM’s ear: “perspective, passion, purpose” ...

Course overview

… The PMM spent the rest of the day alongside Elliott learning all about the importance of those three words - perspective, passion, purpose - fundamental factors in any winning product story.

Eventually, the PMM became a master of the storytelling craft themselves, transforming their product marketing efforts with ease, and communicating with new and existing customers like never before.

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What's included when I enroll?

👨🏼‍💻3+ hours of course content.

🔥 12 links to bonus features from a range of sources, gathered and recommended by Elliott himself.

🛠 8 tried, tested + vetted templates, 6 engaging worksheets, and 5 invaluable interactive activities.

35 exam questions to consolidate the course curriculum.

👌 Lifetime access to all the course’s content - including future updates.

🧠 Facility to ask text-based questions throughout, all of which are answered by a PMM leader.

🔖 Official certification if you pass all the exams.

⏳ 100% self-paced - learn at a time and pace that works for you.

Meet your instructor, Elliott Rayner

After seven years at the Adidas global HQ specializing in product marketing and innovation, developing cutting-edge performance products for the 2010 Football World Cup and the 2011 Rugby World Cup, it’s fair to say Elliott knows his onions.

Elliott also spent three years in Amsterdam spearheading the creation and development of ASICS global running apparel and developing sustainable products for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Quite the portfolio, right? 😎

He’s a firm believer that:

The best products have authenticity at their core. There are few things that cant be improved and innovated within product marketing via a clearer understanding of your brand purpose.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to confidently:

📚 Construct an actionable storytelling framework

📚 Structure your product story like a pro

📚 Connect better with your customers through an authentic product story

📚 Communicate to your audience with confidence and passion

📚 Use your purpose to ensure your story remains consistent

📚 Have an impactful change on your product’s story and success

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