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Welcome to the PMA Recruit. 🥳

Why're you here? Because you're the embodiment of talent - a product marketing professional with an influx of skills.

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What is Product Marketing Recruit?

Wondering why you're here? Allow us to explain...

Do you feel undervalued? Underpaid? Boxed off and uncreative? Maybe you're not feeling a new culture change? 🙅‍♂️

Heck, there's every chance you're perfectly happy where you are, but can't help but keep an eye open for that special unicorn to ride... 🦄

Whatever your circumstances, we wanna help.

Take a peek below, and you'll see a job list from extra-special clients.

We've made a pact with these companies, and made a pinky promise to never put a candidate forward for their vacancies unless we have a candidate who we think is a match made in heaven.

Apply through PMA for these roles, and you'll be earmarked amongst a very special band of candidates.

Check out the available roles, and put your best foot forward. 👇

North America & North America Remote

👉🏽 Director of Product Marketing - all-in-one platform to power your rental business [$200k+]

👉🏽 Director of Product Marketing - empower product and IT DevOps teams [$180k+]

👉🏽 Director of Product Marketing - push AI projects into production [$140k+]

👉🏽 Product Marketing Manager, Senior Manager or Director  -  trusted by 10,000+ IT and Security leaders around the world [$150k+]

👉🏽 Senior Product Marketing Manager - an integration experience users love [$150k+]

👉🏽 Senior Product Marketing Manager - empowering life sciences organizations [$180k+]

👉🏽 Product Marketing Manager - AI-driven financial crime risk detection data [$100k+]

👉🏽 Product Marketing Manager, Customer Growth,  - get to production AI faster [$120k+]

👉🏽 Product Marketing Manager - making finance frictionless for business [$140k+]

EMEA & EMEA Remote

👉🏽 Head of Product Marketing - helping brands redefine customer experience [£100k+]

👉🏽 Senior Product Marketing Manager - trusted by product teams from all industries [€70k+]

👉🏽 Senior Product Marketing Manager - solving the database challenges [£85k+]

👉🏽 Product Market Manager  - solving the database challenges [£65k+]

👉🏽 Product Marketing Manager - AI-driven financial crime risk detection data [£65k+]

👉🏽 Product Marketing Manager - unlocking the power of conversational data [£70k+]

APAC & APAC Remote

👉🏽 We're keeping an eye out 😉

See anything you like? Apply above or hit up Ifrah by email or phone.

Not seen anything you like? Check this page regularly for new roles and please do give Ifrah a call so we can understand what you're looking for... and she just loves to chat 🤙🏽

Take your next steps in the safe hands of PMA. 🙌🏽