Brief overview

Our Pro plan is the ultimate resource for product marketers at any level to learn from the best of the best (we’re talking Google, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Drift), up-skill in any area of the craft, and tap into a never-ending flow of tried and tested case studies.

If absorbing awesome insights, streamlining your learning curve, and accessing an industry-standard framework is for you, so is our Pro plan.

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Who are they for?

There’s quite literally something for everyone in here.

If you’re right at the start of your product marketing journey, our Pro plan provides you with quite literally everything you need to excel in every area of the job.

If you’ve got a fair few years of experience under your belt, you’ll have a constant flow of new and trending tactics and topics - and let’s be honest, the product marketing landscape never stays still.

What’s included in a PMA Pro Membership?

You might be asking yourself: “I’ve been considering investing in a Pro Membership - will it really make that much difference to my personal and professional development?”

Yes! You bet your bottom dollar it will. 😎

Subscribe and unlock a range of features reserved for the eyes of PMA members, including:

Weekly exclusive content featuring insights from PMMs at orgs like IBM, Google, and Amazon.
Mentorship program open to both mentors and mentees.
OnDemand footage from all of our events.
A growing bank of 100+ templates, including sales scripts, business case templates, messaging frameworks, and a whole lot more.
Members-only network filled with PMMs from around the globe.
Up to 40% discount on PMM Summits.
Ungated access to our expansive collection of industry reports.
Advice from uber-experienced PMMs as part of the PMA Mentorship Program.
Access everything you need to gear up for your next big project with our PMA toolkits.
Continue your professional development weekly with product marketing learning paths.
Exclusive Livestream access to all PMM Summits.
Complementary access to 4x fundamentals courses (worth $750) - Annual members only.
10% Discount on all PMM Certifications.

"The depth and breadth of material has been invaluable to me validating my thinking and expanding my knowledge for my current role"

Peter Hutchins, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tyro Payments

Check out how a Pro Membership plan works. 👇

Join PMMs from orgs like:

How this membership will benefit you

Where shall we start? 🥵

A never-ending flow of tried, tested, and recommended tactics to help you learn from the leading product marketing lights in the world, fast-track your professional development, and accelerate your career trajectory.

What you can expect as standard:

Ready-made templates & frameworks: A library of 90+ templates for your next go-to-market plan, or user interview. New templates are added monthly.

Video footage of all our events: From London to New York to virtual, access hundreds of hours of video footage, ft. some global heavyweights.

Network with like-minded PMMs: Access to a network of mentors, members-only events & unlimited networking opportunities.

It’s the bee’s knees. A humdinger. Real hot stuff. 🔥


This sounds great, how can I sell it to my manager?

Easy. At just over $49 a month, if one idea sparks one change that converts just one customer, you’ll already have made your money back. In reality, you and I both know the results will span far wider than that though.

Still unsure? Don’t sweat it. Our convince the boss template outlines the many benefits of a PMA membership.

How long will I have access to the content for?

Forever. Once you’ve signed up, providing you keep your subscription active, all the content, frameworks, templates, videos, and slides are yours to access as much as you want, for as long as you want.

I work in B2C, do you still have stuff for me?

Absolutely. We know the majority of product marketers tend to sit on the B2B side of the fence but all our materials are transferrable and we’ve got plenty of B2C-specific resources too.

Can I request for something to be added?

Sure. We don’t rest on our laurels and we’re always looking for ways to improve what we’ve already got so if you can’t see something you think would be useful, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. As a product marketer though, we don’t need to tell you we can’t say yes to everyone’s one-off requests. 😉

What are the members-only network Q&As?

Awesome, that’s what! We put senior-level product marketing managers under the spotlight and members - and members only - can ask them questions specific to their set-up. Think of it as an online roundtable but with no topic off-limit and total exclusivity.

Are the mentors included in the fee?

Yes... and no, but either way, only when you pay annually. All our mentors are uber-experienced and qualified but some are newer than others - the ones who’re just starting out are free, and the crème de la crème coaches charge per hour.

And what about the PMM Certification?

Afraid not. These are larger commitments and require a lot more resources at our end so they’re priced separately. If you take out a 12-month subscription though, we do offer discounted rates.

"Great resources and endless content from multiple types. Relevant to both junior PMMs in their first role and professional group leaders. All my PMM team subscribe to PMA and use its materials every week."

Hila Lauterbach, Senior Director of Product Marketing, SpotOn