Marianne Hainitz is the Solution Manager at, a Stockholm-based software company dedicated to transforming video experiences for its users.

As a newbie to the world of product marketing, Marianne sought a product marketing membership to help her develop her knowledge and refine her credentials.

After researching the options available to her, she signed up for a PMA Membership.

In this article, we’ll focus on:

  • Marianne’s transition into product marketing
  • Why she signed up for a membership
  • How the membership has supported her career
  • Her overall thoughts on the membership

Marianne’s transition into product marketing

The product marketing community is experiencing a period of exponential growth, with more people transitioning into the industry than ever before.

Marianne has followed the trend of many others, switching careers and opting to pursue a role in the PMM realm - but how did she hear about Product Marketing Alliance?

How did you hear about Product Marketing Alliance?

“The background is that I was offered a role as Solution Manager at my current company (I was a PO previously).
“When googling the different points in the role description I came across product marketing as a profession, and I had no idea that this even existed as there was no product marketing department in any of the jobs I have worked in!
“Product Marketing Alliance was quite prominent in the links that came up on Google when searching, so I was aware of the company at quite an early stage and I joined the Slack community at an early stage as well.

Why did Marianne choose a PMA membership?

With alternatives on the market, Marianne could’ve decided to register her interest with another company.

However, in signing up as a PMA member, she spotted a USP with our product that others couldn’t provide.

So, with this in mind, what is it that caught Marianne’s eye?

What was your motivation for taking out the membership plan? What problem were you hoping to solve?

“I was looking for the best way to educate myself on product marketing practices since this was a completely new field to me. I was keen to have a dedicated platform to do this on and get a holistic view of the field, rather than searching for bits and pieces separately.
“I surfed around the site and found that there were a wealth of information, articles, videos, and learning paths, and it aligned with the training budget.
“It seemed like the most effective option and I paid for the membership plan because I wanted to have access to all materials.”

Key features of the PMA membership

The PMA membership has been meticulously designed to ensure product marketers are provided with resources to educate and enhance the quality of their teams.

Some are attracted by our abundance of templates and frameworks, others have their head turned by the discounts for our renowned certifications. Marianne revealed which elements of the membership she found to be particularly beneficial.

Which parts of the membership have supported your day-to-day responsibilities and career plans?

“Although they’re not part of the membership plan, I have to say that the podcasts have been incredibly helpful since they have provided a great introduction to the field by listening to people who were already professionals in the field.
“As for the membership plan itself, the templates have been amazing - extensive content, great explanations and they guide you directly into how to make the best of the materials.
“I've also really been enjoying the OnDemand section - I’ve found that listening to them has helped ingrain a lot of the concepts and I feel more confident in understanding how to tackle projects and making the right choices in my job.”

Career benefits of a PMA Membership

Could you give us any specific examples of how membership has helped you in your day-to-day/career? For example, any projects you were able to complete, KPIs/metrics it has helped you to achieve?

“The PMA Membership includes an enormous amount of educational material that’s given me a solid foundation to do my job well.
”I only officially started this role a few months ago, but one major example during that time is that I was able to change our understanding of who our customer profiles/personas and major competitors are in a particular vertical.
“Therefore, this has helped me achieve an understanding of where our gaps in the product are and what our positioning/value prop needs to be going forward.
“I was able to do this thanks to the competitor analysis templates and articles, and from listening to various of the talks about customer research."