Why PMMs ❤️ PMMC™

Thinking about getting certified in our Product Marketing Core program but want a little reassurance before parting with your (or your company’s) cash?

We can’t say we blame you, but we’re not going to try and twist your arm ourselves. Nope. We’ll let our now certified students do that for us. 💁🏼‍♀️

“This course is everything a product marketer needs to navigate our incredibly cross-functional and rapidly evolving discipline. It explores the unique role of PMM in a way that has simply not been done before — by product marketers, for product marketers. Not only does it have the fundamentals, but there are hours’ worth of additional presentations and content from PMM experts to dive deeper into a particular subject. Every lesson has actionable learnings and sparks new ideas, making this PMM excited to roll up their sleeves and get to work.”

- Gabriele Boland, Product Marketing Manager at Criteo

“The information in this course is INVALUABLE. One cannot put a price on how much knowledge can be obtained from these lessons. This program does everything from going in-depth into how to onboard a new client, to providing you with hours of content around how to price, unique pricing models and what type of pricing is best for your business. There is no other program in the market that educates product marketers or aspiring product marketers on how to compile and synthesize market intelligence to effectively deliver solutions the market is in need of.”

- Louis Guerrero, Senior Product Marketing Manager at TikTok

“The PMA has done an outstanding job putting together a strong curriculum that is easily consumable and highly relevant across career levels and industries where today’s product marketer works. Course modules include insights from known brand experts as well as templates and tools to begin using right away. Anyone who is either considering or already immersed in a career as a Product Marketer would be smart to take advantage of PMA’s certification program.”

- Traci Campbell, Director of Product Marketing at First Orion

“PMA covered every inch of product marketing in a robust, yet digestible, format. The mix of presenters, resources, and evaluations kept me engaged throughout. The best part is, I was able to take it at my own pace and now have a wealth of resources available to me on demand. THANK YOU, PMA!”

- Gwendolyn Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Litera

“I am amazed by the amount of content available including templates, sheets, scripts, and presentations which I will definitely be able to use. Kudos to the entire team for working on this very extensive curriculum. Nice to know we product marketers have something to show off to the world. The PMMC is a well worth investment tailor-made for product marketers of all levels. The program is highly extensive and provides you with resources that could help you take your product/s to the next level.”

- Ana Paguyo, Product Marketing Specialist at NACE International

“This is one of the most comprehensive and crucial courses that any product marketer or someone willing to join product marketing needs to complete. It has an extremely robust structure, is very cohesive and comes with well explained frameworks that are essential to PMM success within any business. At the end of the course, you will be a confident product marketer with strategic, analytical, research and storytelling skills. Very highly recommended!”

- Karim Zuhri, Global Head of Product Marketing at Safety Culture

“Whether you’re new to product marketing or looking for a refresher in certain areas of the product marketing discipline, the PMA Core Certification is essential. I love that it’s not just a course that you get tested on at the end. It is continuous learning with templates, best practices, a very engaged Slack community and knowledge base, and real-world valuable insights from some of the best in the world.”

- Elisa Lippincott, Director of Product Marketing at FireMon

“Thanks to the Product Marketing Core Certification I have been able to get a comprehensive learning of all that is product marketing. The course is well structured, very comprehensive and has a good mix of theory and practice. The delivery method is quite fresh and agile. I also find the access to the templates very useful. I am very satisfied with the course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in this sector!”

- Maria Luisa Liuzzo, Global Product Marketing Manager at Veeam Software

“The PMM Core Certification is all-encompassing and highly valuable for new or seasoned Product Marketers. Not only is it filled with relevant insights from a variety of well-known Product Marketing veterans, but it also provides users with templates and one-pagers to download and refer back to. Whether you're a PMM in a startup, mid-market, or enterprise environment, there's a lot of value for you here.”

- Andrew McCotter-Bicknell, Product Marketing Manager at ZoomInfo

“I would highly recommend getting certified as a PMM with the PMA. It covers the duties and skills that a PMM is required to have no matter where your business is in the product lifecycle. This is a great course that should be in every PMM's toolkit.”

- Genson Glier, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cheq

“This course is a great source of knowledge for product marketers who want to gain a holistic learning experience. Once completed, they will be equipped with theoretical notions and practical tools that will definitely create the right conditions for their success.”

- Maria Luisa Liuzzo, Global Channel Services Marketing Manager at Xerox

“I've been working as a Product Marketer and studying the subject for a while now but this course and how it was structured, the lessons and templates, helped me with more clarity on important subjects that we must deal on a daily basis at our companies. I recommend it to every Product Marketer out there.”

- Felipe Cardoso Barbosa, Product Marketing Specialist at Vindi

“This is the most comprehensive product marketing training available! It covers the basics every product marketer should know.”

- Mysterious (but real) PMM who didn’t leave their name

“This course is a must for every PMM. It's a complete resource and a great reference that covers all daily topics /cases PMMs deal with on a daily basis.”

- Iman Bayatra, PMA Ambassador

“Great course, providing actionable and practical learnings on what it takes to become an effective product marketer.”

- Kenny Adegbulu, Business Analyst at Deloitte Digital

“Inspiring lectures with great structure and useful templates.”

- Mysterious (but real) PMM who didn’t leave their name

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