Excel, excite and exceed with a PMA Exec membership


Defining an entire organization’s product marketing strategy is no easy feat - but what if we told you we had just the ticket to give you a helping hand? 😏

What if we had a place where you could share ideas with fellow execs, solve each other’s problems, and strategize behind closed (virtual) doors?

Take a peek at the PMA Exec Membership, a hub reserved exclusively for PMM execs. 👇

What you can expect

This eBook offers an insight into how the PMA Exec Membership will propel you to the peak of your powers. It'll give you the platform to:

🛠 Streamline internal processes with access to strategic, members-only frameworks

📝 Gain industry expertise with members-only exclusive doused in key takeaways

🧠 Finetune your knowledge of industry essentials with our refresher sessions

🤝 Attract the leading product marketing talent to your team with the PMA Hiring Board

🤩 Land your dream job with endless recruitment resources