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Breaking barriers: Transitioning to the C-suite
Aspiring execs, this is for you. Discover key skills, insider tips, actionable advice, and more, to help you on your journey to the C-suite.
Landing your dream product marketing job [eBook]
Dreaming of that perfect product marketing job? Let us help you make that dream a reality! The eBook is packed with invaluable insights from the legendary Harvey Lee, our very own VP of Product Marketing. Plus, it features exclusive hands-on exercises to propel you through the hiring process.
The core pillars of sales enablement e-book
Want to establish an exceptional sales enablement program? This eBook breaks down the essential pillars you need to know.
Navigating today’s product marketing landscape: eBook
Want to tackle the challenges of the product marketing landscape head-on? We’ve got just the guide for you!
Surfing the crest of the product-led wave [eBook]
Get ready to dive into our eBook, “Surfing the crest of the product-led wave”, and transform into a product marketing powerhouse. Not only will you be an integral part of shaping your product strategy, but you’ll also become a key catalyst in supercharging your organization’s growth.
Customer Marketing Plan [eBook]
This eBook is your roadmap to understanding your audience, setting clear objectives, crafting compelling messages, and more. It’s a step-by-step guide that takes you from understanding your audience to fostering customer collaboration, driving engagement, and building a strong advocacy network.
Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s: Refine the intricacies of your Go-to-Market strategy [eBook]
Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s: Refine the intricacies of your Go-to-Market strategy hones in on the intricacies of an area every product marketer simply has to succeed in their role.
Steps to mastery: First steps in mastering competitive intelligence
Want the definitive playbook on the competitive intelligence function? Want tried and true methods, templates, and frameworks you can apply to your role today? Grab your free copy of this eBook and take your competitive intelligence program from chaotic to supersonic.
A long story short: Exploring the fundamentals of compelling product storytelling
Storytelling is an essential part of product marketing - it’s pivotal to introducing your product, service, and value proposition to your target audience. You need to refine your storytelling to build strong relationships with your prospects and transform them into customers - and advocates.
Laying the Foundations: Advancing Your Product Marketing Skills [eBook]
Do you know how to create solid go-to-market strategies, track success, and feed that strategic thinking back to the C-suite? In this eBook, we’ll dip our toe into five key areas you need to gain the influence you deserve and perform to your optimum potential.
Follow the Leader: An Intro to Product Marketing Leadership
Follow the Leader: An Intro to Product Marketing Leadership is your guide to the essentials of product marketing leadership. Download your copy and get indispensable insights that’ll propel your leadership prospects.
An intro to positioning [eBook]
As a PMM, knowledge of positioning is vital. Download this mini eBook to get the perfect introduction to product positioning.
An intro to narrative design [eBook]
Download your guide and gain access to the most essential insights into building a strong narrative design strategy to help you stand out from the crowd. Learn more.
Get the message: Your ticket to compelling product messaging
The latest addition to your eBook library, ‘Get the message: Your ticket to compelling product messaging’, focuses on a skill you and every product marketer has to master: product messaging.
“You win some, you lose some”: Exploring the world of win/loss programs [eBook]
Delivered in partnership with DoubleCheck Research, this eBook will propel your win/loss programs, help you make educated and strategic decisions, refine your sales training, and equip you with insights needed to deliver compelling customer journeys.
How to start a career in product marketing - Your Complete Guide
Starting a new job is scary. It is especially nerve-wracking when you don’t know a lot about the industry you’re going into. Transitioning into a new job in product marketing is no different.
5 essential templates for successful product marketers
This guide has been created to give you five templates for some of the most common and important product marketing strategies.
Putting A Tag On It: The Product Pricing Playbook
Download our pricing playbook to improve your pricing strategy for happier customers, increased sales and profits, and a positive brand image.
Sealing the Deal: The Essentials of Sales Enablement
Sealing the Deal: The Essentials of Sales Enablement has been designed to help you understand key areas of sales enablement, empower your sales teams, and above all else, convert more prospects into bona fide customers.
Head-to-Head: The Competitive Intelligence Playbook
Head-to-Head: The Competitive Intelligence Playbook has been designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to build and refine your competitive intelligence strategy, and ultimately win your market.
The PMM Field Guide [eBook] | Product Marketing Alliance
We’re bringing you The PMM Field Guide, produced by PMM Alexander Becker, exploring what the B2B product marketing landscape might look like in the future.
An intro to product marketing OKRs | Product Marketing Alliance
We love equipping product marketers with wicked resources to take them to the top of the tree - and beyond. But what’s the point of exhausting yourself and your team, if you don’t know how to track your success?
What are personas? [eBook] | Product Marketing Alliance
Launching a new product or feature? You’ll need personas for that. Revisiting a battle card? You’ll want personas to help shape that too. Building a product demo? Personas, personas, personas!

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