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Want to know how your salary compares to others' across the globe? Or what you can expect as you progress up the career ladder? Fill in a few fields below, explore the advanced filters, and the salary calculator will do the rest for you!

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How to
increase your salary

Your five-step framework to negotiating a higher base pay.

Step 1: data collection

Use the salary calculator to benchmark salaries for PMMs in your role and region. Then, prepare a list of your accomplishments in the last 6-12 months, highlighting any product launches, campaigns, or projects that delivered substantial value or results for the company.

Step 2: craft your pitch

Translate your achievements into quantifiable metrics, like increased sales, growth in product adoption, or improvement in campaign ROI.

Showcase any additional skills or training you’ve acquired which align with future company/product initiatives. This demonstrates your forward-thinking approach and commitment to ongoing personal development.

Step 3: timing is everything

Ensure the company is in a stable or growth phase. Avoid asking during downturns or periods of uncertainty.

When the timing is right, don’t spring the conversation unexpectedly. Schedule a dedicated meeting with your boss to discuss your compensation.

Step 4: practice & prepare

Practice makes perfect - rehearse your pitch multiple times, and anticipate potential counterarguments or questions your manager might have.

Be open to alternatives too. Sometimes, companies might have budget constraints. Be open to other perks like additional paid time off, stock options, or professional development opportunities.

Step 5: execute with confidence

Approach the meeting with a positive and open attitude. Even if the answer is not what you hoped for, maintain professionalism and thank them for their time.

If a decision isn’t made on the spot, follow up with an email thanking them for their time and summarizing the key points of your discussion. This reinforces your seriousness about the raise.

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  • Demonstrate you have the core competencies expected for the role.
  • Employers value commitment, so exhibit dedication to advancing your skills.
  • Signal that you stay current on best practices.
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Product Marketing
Salary Survey Results

As the product marketing industry continues to (rightly!) grow in popularity, so does the demand for a fair working salary.

Each year, we speak with 1000+ product marketing professionals worldwide, to give you an insight into what you, as a product marketer, should earn in your role. Download the latest results today.