Membership reviews 👊

Wanna become a fully-fledged PMA member? Looking for a little reassurance before parting with your $$$ (or £, or €, or ¥, or ₽, get the gist)? Dying to see what all the fuss is about? Then don’t. Go. Anywhere.

"The depth and breadth of material has been invaluable to me validating my thinking and expanding my knowledge for my current role."

- Peter Hutchins, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tyro Payments

“Being a PMA member has been extremely helpful to leverage in my work. PMA community is an even stronger resource too with access to online events, webinars, newsletters, and industry reports.”

- Hila Lauterbach, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Spoton

"As a member, you have access to templates, frameworks and examples across every aspect of product marketing. These have been extremely helpful to leverage in my work and I've found other leaders we work with respond well when they know it's coming from an outside, credible resource. And the PMA community is an even stronger resource too! The conversations amongst the members, the sharing of tips and best practices, the success stories (and failures) to learn from, are all invaluable. There is a healthy stream of online events, webinars, newsletters, industry reports and more that I am consistently finding new ways to approach my work."

- Mike Wessel, VP of Product Marketing, Attane

"I'm new to my PMM role and had no interaction with product marketing in the past and PMA helped me get ramped up with the right info to land a PMM job. Then it has helped equip me to have the skills and tools to hit the ground running in product marketing!"

- Andrea Bras, VP of Product Marketing, Viant Technology

“Getting access to the videos and templates through this membership is more than worth the cost. As someone looking to break into the PMM role, I love learning what the top PMMs are doing. I not only get a grasp of what it takes to break into the role but also what will make me successful once I do.”

- Jonathan Recinos, Digital Marketing Project Manager at Duke University

“The Product Marketing Alliance has been a game-changer for me! I have access to the membership, events, mentors and certifications. The membership brings tremendous value to my career and I am so lucky to be a part of this community!”

- Megan Liken, Product Marketing Specialist at cPanel

“As someone who is discovering PMM, scheduled for a certification exam in November, I'm finding this platform not only exciting, but very informative and well resourced. What is amazing is the accessibility of the who's who of PMM from leading companies in one tent.”

- Joseph Kwashi, Partner at DavidJoseph

“A go-to place for everything product marketing!”

- Igor Kranjcec, Product Marketing Lead at Lemax

“If you are starting out your career in product marketing, PMA is for you. Learn everything you need to get started.”

- Esther Lozano, Product Marketing Manager at Sematext