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Go-to-Market, June 25

12:00 pm EDT | 9:00 am PDT | 5:00 pm BST

Launching successful products sits at the heart of the product marketing role, so much so, that over 80% of PMMs identify product launches as a core element of their role.

Following months of arduous work, time, and expenditure, the last thing you want is for your product to strikeout - you wanna hit a home run - period. 

Join the upcoming panel on Go-to-Market to find out more.

Melissa Vadasserril, Director of Product Marketing, Justworks

A Virginia native, Melissa lived up and down the east coast before settling in New Jersey with her now-husband. Her professional experience spans large enterprise and small businesses focusing on both B2B and B2C, including Verizon, Shutterstock, and Adobe.

She’s currently leads Product Marketing at Justworks, where her team drives product discovery, GTM launch strategy, and positioning for Justworks suite of small business solutions. During her time at Verizon, Melissa stumbled into product marketing and never looked back. Now, with over ten years of experience, Melissa seeks every opportunity to define customer value and elevate the customer experience.

Reggie Waterman, Founder, Xpressive

Reggie lives by the moto of "constantly keeping you in wonder". He takes this moto and applies it to every aspect of Product Marketing as he firmly believes a brand should always look for ways to evolve and excite the market they serve.

As the Founder of Xpressive, Reggie remains a highly regarded leader, speaker and facilitator of workshops focused on career success post graduation. In the past he has built his Product Marketing to team from scratch and has worked diligently to be the connective tissue across the various business units that has helped all areas of the business grow and scale.