Corporate training for Product Marketing teams

Every product marketing team and business is unique. Whilst we have courses and certifications you can work through, a tailored approach can be more effective for aligning and uniting teams.

Whether it’s getting everyone to speak the same language, filling a skills gap in a certain area (such as GTM or OKRs), or upskilling your team to be the next leaders at the forefront of decision making. We work with you to build personalized workshops and/or training courses for your needs.

Join other top enterprise teams that have trained with PMA

Microsoft, Zendesk, Twitter and Adobe come to PMA for team training.

Made to fit around your team and business

Once you’ve talked us through what you’re trying to achieve and key areas to focus on, we’ll build a bespoke training session, 100% tailored to your business and team.

You can choose how and where you want it delivered:
- Online, on-demand, or in-person.
- One-day or half-day sessions, full-time or part-time.

Just some of the topics we cover:

🧭 Positioning & messaging
🕵🏼‍♀️ Competitor intel
💰 Pricing
📈 Research & metrics
💼 OKRs
🤑 Go-to-market
📖 Narrative design
💪 Sales enablement
👀 Research
📈 Optimization
💁🏽‍♂️ Personas
💪 Leadership

Led by product marketing experts

And one of the best parts? Your training will be delivered by an industry expert, a leader in their field, with years of real-world knowledge and experience to share. They’ve been there and done that.

Set your team up for success

🤝 Create a shared understanding of product marketing.
💰 Enable your team to deliver tangible business results.
📚 Gain access to personalized templates and frameworks.
🏆 Fill skills gaps, fast-track new starters, and create new PMM leaders.
🌎 Real-world learning with applicable methodologies, not textbook reading.

What other teams say

"This certification program has been extremely validating for the team and has really shifted our perspective on how we work. The course has helped all of us start speaking the same language, rally around the same goals, and has assisted in standardizing some of our processes. What's really exciting is we have begun receiving buy-in from the rest of the company and collaboration with the Product teams is becoming more seamless!"

- Megan Liken, Product Marketing Specialist at cPanel

"A big theme at Vendasta this year is "levelling-up" our marketing functions, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for our PMMs given that they're all very involved with the PMA community and already love the content. I subscribed and took the course initially, and since I was so impressed by the content, we purchased the course for each of our 10 team members.”

- Rylan Morris, Director of Product Marketing at Vendasta

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