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Whether you’ve got skills gaps to fill, need to normalize the role of product marketing across your org, provide continuous learning opportunities, or unite everyone in your team onto a single narrative, if you’ve got a need, we’ve got the options.

Moving forward together.  

We offer a range of flexible, tailor-made training options for PMM teams, management, and entire organizations to upskill, refresh or align organization-wide when it comes to product marketing.

Personalized learning with leading product marketing experts.

Is there company-wide confusion when it comes to messaging? Are some of you a little rusty when it comes to reviewing and refining your product marketing strategy? Room for improvement when it comes to research?

Whatever you want, we’ve got your back.

Step 1: Talk us through the areas you want to focus on and we’ll put together a bespoke course, 100% tailored to you.

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen your modules we’ll assign you the perfect product marketing expert to lead your sessions. Oh, and did we mention you can choose the duration of your course to fit around your busy schedule?

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Flexible learning options.

Choose from our live, online and OnDemand options, plus our in-person classes (once Covid allows it!). Courses range from full-time, one-day intensive programs to part-time and half-day sessions.

PMM pick & mix.

Tailor the course to your organization's specific needs and pick and choose from individual modules built around your brand, such as:

🧭 Positioning & messaging
🕵🏼‍♀️ Competitor intel
💰 Pricing
📈 Research & metrics
🤑 Go-to-market
📖 Narrative design
💪 Sales enablement
👀 Research
📈 Optimization
💁🏽‍♂️ Personas

And much, much more! Or you know, choose them allll and get your team officially Product Marketing Certified.

Learn from product marketing leaders.

All our product marketing experts are leaders in their fields, and each and every one comes with their own area of proven expertise. Once you’ve worked out the specifics, we’ll match you with a course leader who specializes in your chosen subjects for a truly engaging and enlightening learning experience.

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Training some of the world's top product marketing teams.

Teams from top organizations like Adobe, Zendesk and UIPath have already chosen PMA to train their teams. You could be next.

Why choose a bespoke PMA course for your company?

🙌 Ensure your entire team has a grounding of up-to-date product marketing fundamentals tailored entirely to your business’ needs and get set for success.

🔖 Everyone will walk away with company/career-enhancing skills and an understanding of how to implement and test everything they’ve learned.

🌍 Our experts will be on-hand to offer invaluable advice specific to your company.

🛠 Gain access to invaluable templates and frameworks based around your brand.  

💪 No one takes product marketing as seriously as we do. All our courses are delivered by PMA-vetted, leading product marketers with years of knowledge and experience behind them.

Don’t just take our word for it.

"This certification program has been extremely validating for the team and has really shifted our perspective on how we work. The course has helped all of us start speaking the same language, rally around the same goals, and has assisted in standardizing some of our processes. What's really exciting is we have begun receiving buy-in from the rest of the company and collaboration with the Product teams is becoming more seamless!"

- Megan Liken, Product Marketing Specialist at cPanel

"A big theme at Vendasta this year is "levelling-up" our marketing functions, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for our PMMs given that they're all very involved with the PMA community and already love the content. I subscribed and took the course initially, and since I was so impressed by the content, we purchased the course for each of our 10 team members.”

- Rylan Morris, Director of Product Marketing at Vendasta

Head here for TONS more testimonials just like this.

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