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February 23, 2024

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Sales collateral that speaks to buyers: Match content to the journey

As Sander Buitelaar, a PMA Ambassador, applies to product marketing roles, he has come across a few companies that talk about ‘first principles.’ First principles is a problem-solving method that lets you break down complex issues into fundamental parts.

You may know some companies that adhere to this concept like Tesla, SpaceX, Amazon, Apple, and more. After repeatedly coming across this term, Sander decided to delve into first principles and specifically look more deeply at marketing first principles.

Dave Kellogg, a marketing leader, has an interesting blog post on his take on marketing’s first principle: Marketing exists to make sales easier.

Sander says he loves it because it’s so simple. Some marketers may argue with this saying that marketers don’t ‘report’ to sales but, to Sander, this makes sense. His job as a marketer is to help sales sell the product. If sales doesn’t sell the product, everyone in the company loses.

So, how can marketers help sales?

One of the easiest ways is to enable them with collateral.

The secrets of human-centered storytelling

Storytelling is a vital part of product marketing. Whether you’re talking to commercial teams about a delayed product launch, telling your customers about a new product, or trying to get stakeholders’ buy-in for your product roadmap prioritization strategy, every day, there’s a story to tell.

Whether you like it or not, storytelling is everywhere. Even if you don’t consider yourself a natural storyteller, you have to adapt and refine your skills, or you'll struggle. No matter how brilliantly analytical or excellent at managing projects you are, if you can't inspire, get buy-in, or command people's time and attention, it's going to be a tough ride.

That’s why in this article, Nick Knuppe, Senior Director of Marketing at Juni, explores the keys to effective storytelling, honed through over a decade’s experience in the realms of advertising and product marketing.

Here’s  some more content in the community: 

🕺Community Events 🕺

This is what we have on next week:

🇩🇪 PMA Hamburg | Hosted by Haiilo | February 27 
🇬🇧 PMA Edinburgh meetup | February 29 
🇫🇷 PMA Toulouse | February 29

Check out all community events here.

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🚀 Community Highlights 🚀


It’s Christina, your Community Manager here. 👋

You might have noticed by now that Product Marketing Alliance is from an umbrella company, The Alliance. The Alliance houses 15 different communities from Sales Enablement Collective, Product Led Alliance, Customer Success Collective, and many more. 

Last year, we received member feedback that it would be great to have more inter-community meetups that help strengthen each community and break up the silos marketers feel. 

Yesterday, we did just that. 

PMA Seattle teamed up with Revenue Marketing Alliance’s Seattle chapter for a joint meetup. Our ambassador, Michael Conn, kindly expressed that ‘no one seemed out of place’. ✨That’s what we like to hear! ✨

PMA/RMA Seattle

We’ve also been enjoying a range of amazing meetups, as per usual! We connected PMMs in Prague, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London.

Until next time, PMA.

From: Christina, Charley, and the rest of the PMA team