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June 6, 2024

In case you missed it…

The power of micro moments in product marketing 

In an age where 5.9 million Google searches happen every minute, our shopping habits have radically transformed. 

With consumers researching online before 61% of their purchases, the concept of 'micro-moments' has never been more crucial. 

This article explores how marketers can leverage these fleeting, intent-driven instances to forge powerful connections with their audience in the digital age.

How to drive growth through a product-led referral program

In the world of SaaS, Product-Led Growth (PLG) is revolutionizing customer acquisition. 

By focusing on creating products so compelling that users naturally become advocates, PLG turns traditional marketing on its head. 

This article explores how you can harness the power of PLG through a product-led referral program, transforming satisfied users into your most effective growth engine.

Here’s  some more content contributed by the community: 

🕺Community Events 🕺

This is what we have on next week: 

Community meetups: 

🇬🇷 PMA Athens meetup | June 12

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Online events: 

  🎥 Learn about Product Marketing Certified Core | June 11
Join us for a taster session with Harvey Lee to get a glimpse into the world of PMA and Product Marketing Certified: Core.

🌏 In-person and virtual summits 🌏

Product Marketing Summit | Seattle - June 12 - 13

📚 Live and Online, and In-person PMMC courses 📚
We understand that everyone's learning style is different, so we provide both online and in-person options for your convenience.

Take a look at our upcoming cohorts: 👇

🖥️ Live and Online:
June 6-27: Europe (a.m.) and Australia (p.m.)
June 10-18: North America CT and Europe UTC
June 25-26: Europe UTC
July 4-25: Europe (a.m.) and Australia (p.m.)

June 4: Atlanta
June 11: Seattle
June 18: Dublin

💼 New opportunities 💼

Product Marketing Manager - Benefits, with WEX, inc.

Our ideal candidate acts as the "voice of the customer," partnering with stakeholders to communicate product value. Responsibilities include leading sales enablement, developing GTM strategies, and creating compelling messaging. Requires 5+ years of experience, strong communication skills, and proficiency in advanced marketing tools. 

Salary: $93,000 - $123,000.

🚀 Community Highlights 🚀


It’s Christina, your Community Manager here. 👋

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