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March 1, 2024

In case you missed it…

How to get better ROI on content marketing surveys 

Compelling content marketing tells a story that accomplishes three objectives.

  • First, it generates clicks in digital marketing campaigns and drives the target audience to your landing page.
  • Second, the report or white paper prompts the reader to think about their own situation and wonder if they should consider a change.
  • And third, it links the need for change to the potential benefits of your solutions.

While these are the goals, research-based content often falls short. Instead, the end product is a hodgepodge collection of profiling metrics: What solutions does the market use? How many people work in the department? What information sources do they rely on?  

How does this happen? 

While the specifics of every situation are unique, a common root cause of this phenomenon is hoping that a story will emerge from the data instead of proactively identifying the data needed to tell a predefined story. 

The frameworks in this article outline how to identify compelling stories to tell, before you start writing your survey. We also offer guidance on using content marketing survey data to demonstrate your product's value. 

How to build a rock-solid GTM plan

“You know what we need… is a Go-To-Market plan.” 

 Did you feel a shiver down your spine, like someone just walked over the graves of your past failed product launches?

Go-to-Market (GTM) plans are a hallmark of every new product introduction, and yet all too often, organizations don’t have a clear concept of what a GTM plan should look like… or worse, the “plan” is just a tactical checklist of deliverables, campaign webinars, and maybe a few website updates.

A great GTM plan becomes the backbone of any product launch. It provides a framework that specifies the most important elements for all functional areas involved. It answers questions like: 

  • What are we selling? 
  • Who’s going to buy it? 
  • Why would they buy it? 
  • How much will we expect them to pay? 
  • How will they find out about it? 
  • Who’s selling it? 
  • How will we measure success? 

Getting all these common sense elements aligned seems like it should be easy. Yet, it’s surprising how many conflicting opinions, miscommunications, and unresolved questions lurk in the shadows when it comes to assembling this information.

Here’s  some more content in the community: 

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🚀 Community Highlights 🚀


It’s Christina, your Community Manager here. 👋

Okay, this one’s a real “pinch-me” moment for us at Product Marketing Alliance. 🥺

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that *the* Financial Times has ranked our parent company, The Alliance, 42nd among Europe’s 1000 fastest-growing companies. 🎉

It’s truly humbling to see our hard work pay off with an acknowledgment like this. 

Cast your mind back to 2019, The Alliance was a tiny team of big-dreamers embarking on our first foray into community-led L&D with @Product Marketing Alliance. 

Fast-forward just five years, and things are looking a hell of a lot different.

💪 We’re now 15 communities strong
🌎 We host 130+ events per year across the globe
🫂 We’ve gone from a staff of just two to a workforce of 121 

Scaling certainly ain’t easy, especially during the challenging market conditions of the last two years.  But it’s not the numbers that matter here. 

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support from our incredible community members and team of dedicated employees. This is all down to you. 

We’re living proof that the world needs communities and people who believe in and support each other. And community-led growth? Well, it’s the future, baby!

Thank you for the recognition, FT1000, we can't wait to show what else is in store.


Until next time, PMA.

From: Christina, Charley, and the rest of the PMA team