PMA Pulse 2023

Marketing Tools | Competitive Intelligence | Customer & Market Research | Sales Enablement

Build the ultimate tech stack that doesn’t just help you get the job done but ensures you excel at it.

Whether you’re the budget owner or platform user, PMA Pulse has been designed with you in mind. It’s an official stamp of approval that’ll help you make an informed decision on product marketing tools that’ll break fresh ground, streamline your approaches, and get you the recognition you deserve in your role.

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You spoke, and we listened…

PMA Pulse goes through a rigorous four-step process of collecting, evaluating, consulting, and consolidating 1000s of recommendations and votes from the product marketing community.

It democratizes the tech landscape and helps you find the perfect list of tools you’ll be able to use to your advantage.

Within the report, our solutions span five of the most important product marketing categories:

🔎 Competitive intelligence,

💰 Sales enablement,

🛠️ Project management,

🤝 Customer onboarding, and

💻 Customer & market research.

Within these categories, there are five more places within the leaderboard: Leader, Trailblazer, Challenger, Highflyer, and Recommended.

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Why have we built PMA Pulse?

Let’s leave the explanation to the King, shall we? 😉

“As busy product marketers, having a strong arsenal of tools is crucial for streamlined and successful execution of projects.
“In such a fast-paced and collaborative environment, you want the platforms that you use to be as simple as possible and you don’t want to be using multiple for one use case.
“With PMA Pulse, we’ve whittled the list down to the most optimal product marketing solutions to fit this need - so that you can find the one that suits you and your team quickly. Hopefully, this’ll become your guide to building the best tech stack possible.”
Richard King, CEO and Founder at Product Marketing Alliance

Your favorite tool not on the list?

Join us in developing PMA Pulse 2024 by nominating the tools that’ve helped you become the best PMM you can be, and help others within the industry benefit from your awesome experiences.

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