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Where should product marketing really sit?

[Coming soon]

Join our thought-provoking session to explore the pivotal question of product marketing's organizational placement.

Should it reside within the product team, tightly aligned with product development, or should it find its home within the marketing department, enabling seamless customer engagement? Or is there an alternative based on organizational structure?

Jen Garside, Global Head of Sector Product Marketing, YouGov

With a background in digital content strategy, Jen joined YouGov in 2020 to build out its first ever Global Product Marketing function, working to develop a host of collateral, case studies and enablement regimes across a suite of over 50 products, orchestrating a company-wide rebrand to refine the wider company positioning and proposition across all websites, business acquisitions and a newly launched Platform.

Directing a range of digital product marketing from self-serve survey builders to SAAS subscriptions and bespoke custom projects, and working cross-functionally to roll out a new operating rhythm for global teams.
Fun fact - Jen used to work for HarperCollins publishers and did some work to help out Collins dictionaries – which means that there are a number of videos of her on YouTube teaching people to pronounce words!

Susan Galberaith, Senior Director Outbound Product Marketing, Thomas Reuters

Susan Galberaith is currently the Senior Director Outbound Product Marketing at Thomas Reuters. Since 2017, she's also previously been the Director of Channel Partner Marketing for FLEETCOR, Director of Product Marketing for Worldpay and the Principal Product Marketing Manager at Sage.

Revitalize and scale your PMM team with these industry secrets

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Learn the undisclosed industry secret that can breathe new life into your PMM team, enabling it to thrive and scale effectively. We'll delve into proven strategies and innovative techniques that leverage this strategy to bring fresh perspectives and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Discover how to reinvigorate your PMM team and position it for unparalleled success in a competitive marketplace. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a critical edge in revitalizing and expanding your PMM team's capabilities.

Katie Gerard, Head of Product Marketing, Workhuman

Katie has been running PMM teams for the last 5 years, first at Amadeus, then Klaviyo, and now Workhuman. She's passionate about building teams from the ground up and helping career switchers break into product marketing.

Sunny Dhami, Vice President of Product Marketing, Sinch

Sunny is a product marketing leader with 12+ years experience in Marketing & Product Marketing roles across CPaaS, Saas, communications, and technology industries. He has held responsibilities across global product marketing functions, built marketing teams, driven demand generation, and led marketing organisations.

Sunny has worked in high-growth organisations and have supported 10x revenue growth during his time at RingCentral which coincided with a 2500% increase in the stock price.

Sunny's team is responsible for driving and delivering messaging strategy, GTM, positioning, and a whole lot more across the global business. he holds a real passion to create differentiation and value for the customer and sharing this through messaging and positioning.

The power of brand storytelling: Increasing customer demand and engagement

Coming soon

Join us for an engaging session with Eventbrite’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tamara Mendelsohn & Vigrin Pluse's Chief Marketing Officer, Erica Morgenstern, as they explore how brands can create, develop and encourage loyalty and demand through storytelling. In this session, you'll discover the essential elements of effective brand storytelling and its profound impact on customer engagement.

Meet the speaker:
Tamara Mendelsohn, CMO, Eventbrite
Erica Morgenstern, CMO, Personify Health

7 reasons why B2B brands struggle to get marketing ROI

Coming soon

Discover the seven crucial factors that hinder B2B brands from achieving optimal marketing ROI in this insightful session. Join Vlad Moldavisky from Halo Investing as he shares industry best practices and unveils common stumbling blocks. Learn how to transform obstacles into opportunities and drive measurable returns for your brand. This live session is part of the Chief Marketing Officer summit, November edition. Don't miss out on the chance to collaborate and chat with fellow attendees in the CMO slack channel. Tune in from anywhere in the world and gain valuable insights from marketing leaders. Get ready to unlock the secrets to maximizing your marketing ROI!

Meet the speaker:
Vlad Moldavskiy, Head of Growth at Halo Investing

Revisiting the foundations: Exploring the first lessons of a marketing leadership role

Coming soon

From navigating the evolving landscape of consumer behavior to mastering the art of strategic storytelling, we'll explore the foundational principles that continue to guide and inspire our marketing journeys. Whether you're a seasoned executive or a budding marketing leader, prepare to reawaken your passion for the craft as we re-remember the first lessons of CMO leadership together.

Meet the speakers:
Amanda Solomon, Head of Creator Strategy, The Arena Group
Shayna Macklin, CMO, Rainbow Apparel Co