What's your...
product marketing IQ.
From research to pricing to personas to sales enablement to OKRs - and more, let us know your experience and involvement in developing and owning key product marketing pillars, and we’ll give you your product marketing IQ.

Use your results to benchmark your experience to key PMM competencies, lean in on your strengths, and identify opportunities for professional growth.
Complete the test and you'll get:
- A synopsis of where you are in your product marketing journey - and what that means.

- Spider graph of where you currently sit on the product marketing map and how you compare to your peers

- Downloadable report & personal results for each category of your IQ level and core focus areas to take away.

- PDF version of the Product Marketing Competency Framework to takeaway and help benchmark your growth.

- Relevant resources to help you expedite your journey to the next stage of your career.

Access the Product Marketing Competency Framework.
Our Product Marketing Competency Framework is a comprehensive guide that outlines the essential skills and capabilities needed to excel in the field of product marketing. It’s been developed by drawing insights from a diverse range of experts and practitioners in the industry, ensuring it reflects the most relevant and valuable perspectives.

The competency framework encapsulates everything from research, pricing, and positioning, to Go-to-Market, sales enablement, and analysis, to cover the broad spectrum of skills required to excel in product marketing.

The core competencies within the competency chart are taken from the Product Marketing Framework, and touch on everything needed to define, strategize, define, prepare, and grow a successful product marketing strategy.
Where will you sit? 👇
Level: Genius (684-888 points). The product marketing role might be varied, but you've nailed almost every single facet of it. If you're not already in a leadership role, you're sure ready for it.

Level: Leader (480-683 points). You're not just a solid all-rounder, you're someone who knows the ins and outs of your craft and is a true SME. While there might be some experience gaps, you're well and truly on track to achieve great things.

Level: Rising star (276-479 points). Your foot's firmly in the product marketing door and you're displaying all the right signs of a prosperous career in PMM. With the right help and guidance, you'll scale the career ladder in no time.

Level: Newcomer (72-275 points). Welcome to the wonderful world of PMM. 🙌 While you might still be learning the ropes, you're right where you need to be. Continue investing in your professional development and you'll be a rising star before you know it.