Cindy Berman, Product Marketing Manager at Productboard, first heard about PMA’s individual membership plans through Google, while searching for communities dedicated to supporting product marketers and their needs.

Cindy’s role is very comprehensive; her responsibilities include growth (website and in-app) and core product marketing for all products. She leads all product launches for the company, works on pricing and packaging, ecosystem and APIs marketing, market research, messaging and positioning, product enablement, and product campaigns.

In this case study, she discusses:

  • Why she signed up
  • Why she picked us,
  • PMA Membership's main benefits, and
  • Key outcomes

Cindy’s motivation

Cindy was initially looking for a community of product marketers to understand best practices in the industry and ended up finding much more.

“As product marketing is a growing industry, I was looking for a community of like-minded global individuals at different levels of their career to share insights, learn from, and network to advance my product marketing career. The PMA was the first and is the largest organization dedicated to this mission with 1000s of product marketers.

“I was looking to connect with a community of product marketers to understand best practices, as PMM can differ per company. I also was about to graduate from my MBA program at Wharton and valued the list of job opportunities and postings that the PMA provided.

“I purchased the solo membership while I was getting my MBA at Wharton. Since I was not a full-time employee, but rather a student at the time, the solo membership was the perfect offering.”

Why the PMA membership plan?

The community as a whole was a huge draw for Cindy, who then found value in becoming a prominent member herself.

“The PMA stands out due to the great research (including on product marketing trends and salary insights), the quantity and quality of its community, and the excellent and frequent events it puts on.

Key outcomes

“I enjoyed speaking at the Product Marketing Off-Piste and I’m looking forward to future speaking opportunities. I also valued the opportunity of joining the mentorship program and finding a dedicated mentor who knows and understands product marketing in the future. In addition, every member is very friendly and collaborative, which I truly value in a community.”

“I’m excited to continue being a member of the PMA and a PMA Ambassador!

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