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“Once you find something that works, there's not really any reason to keep shopping around.” – Pathify

Membership case studies

Adam Miller, Senior Marketing Manager for Product and Content at Pathify, came across Product Marketing Alliance when he took on his first product marketing role and needed to get up to speed – fast.

After checking out the various resources available online, he decided to sign up for a PMA Pro Membership.

In this case study, he tells us:

  • What motivated him to become a Product Marketing Alliance Pro member
  • How his PMA membership supports his day-to-day responsibilities
  • The best part of being a member
  • The career benefits of a PMA membership
  • How his PMA membership supports internal projects
  • Why he chose PMA over its competitors
  • His advice for anyone considering investing in a PMA membership

Why Adam signed up

Like many product marketers, Adam took the scenic route into the field. After over a decade specializing in content, digital, and demand gen marketing, he made the move to product marketing and knew he had a lot to learn.

“I started a new job in August of 2022. I was brand new to product marketing and needed a way to quickly get my knowledge up to speed.

"The deal was that I needed to commit to on-the-job training in order to take the role, so I did some research, came across Product Marketing Alliance, and decided to sign up for it.”

How a PMA Pro membership supports Adam's day-to-day responsibilities

From GTM to competitive analysis, Adam oversees all product marketing functions at Pathify. He's found the PMA community invaluable in supporting him in these responsibilities – so much so that he has become a PMA Ambassador.

“I primarily use the Slack community for questions that I have, and that helps me in my day-to-day. I use the messaging frameworks quite a bit too.”

The highlights of a PMA Pro membership

The PMA Pro Membership offers an abundance of resources and networking opportunities for product marketers and their teams – everything from OnDemand talks by seasoned PMMs to discounts for our summits.

So, with so many perks to choose from, which are Adam’s favorites?

“Well, I'm not sure if this is part of the Pro Membership, but my favorite part of Product Marketing Alliance is the Slack community. I've met so many different people through that. I also really enjoy all the different training sessions.”

“I host a solo PMM meetup, and there are a few other virtual meetups that I enjoy going to as well. All this has really helped me expand my network and learn about the day-to-day problems that people are facing.”

The career benefits of a PMA membership

The product marketing career path is still in its formative stages, so finding the support you need isn’t always straightforward.

With this in mind, Adam told us how being a Product Marketing Alliance member has supported his career plans:

“I think the best way it’s supported my career is by helping me get my questions answered. Having a community to rely on has really helped me get my job done and figure things out a lot more efficiently than I would by Googling everything. When you work with a community, you get real-life examples from people who have done the exact same thing that you’ve done.”

How a PMA membership helps Adam with internal projects

We don’t need to tell you that product marketers have a lot on their plates. That’s why the PMA Pro Membership curates toolkits, templates, and frameworks to help you hit the ground running in all your projects.

We asked Adam how his membership has helped with his internal projects.

“Creating battle cards is a big one. I used one of the frameworks from PMA to create a battle card, and then I took a lot of feedback from other community members about what's useful and informative for the team.”

“I've also taken different parts of product launch tiers from different folks within the PMA community, and that's really helped me refine my go-to-market motion and make launches a lot more efficient.”

Why Adam chose PMA

With various alternatives on the market, Adam could've opted for another company.

However, the overwhelmingly positive reviews for PMA’s offering ultimately convinced him that PMA membership was the right choice.

“I talked to my manager about it, and she said that she knows people who are part of PMA and everyone speaks highly of it. That was the big reason. Once you find something that works, there's not really any reason to keep shopping around.”

Thinking of signing up?

Adam left us with one final piece of advice for any product marketers who may be considering investing in a PMA membership:

“There're a lot of resources available from the OnDemand sessions to templates to guides, and then, of course, the community, but what you get out depends on what you put in.

"If you're not willing to dig through all the material and find what you need, then you’re not going to get a lot out of it.

“But, if you’re willing to invest in the community and invest in finding the resources you need, then you're gonna get a lot of value from your Pro Membership."

Written by:

Amelia Wilson

Amelia Wilson

Amelia is a Content Executive here at the Product Marketing Alliance. Got an article you'd love to share? Get in touch!

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“Once you find something that works, there's not really any reason to keep shopping around.” – Pathify