Part of creating great products and teams is ensuring every PMM in your remit is continually challenged, given opportunities to improve on a personal and professional level, and, of course, are able to execute their responsibilities to the highest possible standard.

To meet all this criteria though, you need to know where the skills and knowledge gaps lie - and that’s where our skills assessment comes in.

What we’ll do for you (for free)

Step 1:

We’ll send you an in-depth skills assessment to share with the wider product marketing team, for every member to fill in.

This questionnaire will assess your team’s skills and knowledge on everything from research, pricing, and personas, to positioning, sales enablement, and communication.

Step 2:

At the same time, we’ll issue you with another survey, this time for you and any other product marketing leadership figures to complete.

The objective of this questionnaire will be to unpack your thoughts on things like the team’s strengths, weaknesses, org structures, short and long-term deliverables, and so on.

Step 3:

Once both surveys have been completed by everyone, we’ll combine and analyze the data and send over a bespoke recommendation of where your team’s L&D focus needs to be, and how it could look in practice.

Step 4:

If you have any suggestions or modifications, we’ll work with you to tweak your L&D program so it’s exactly what’s needed to create a gold standard product marketing team.


Let us know. 👇