Week 2: Organization-wide alignment

Some will argue that bringing products to market and the market to the product is the mantra of a product marketing teams, but how much clarity does this mantra bring to other departments across the organization? With varying go-to-market strategies and differing opinions of ownership, go-to-markets are challenging to say the least.

In this guide, Holly Watson discusses a full go-to-market plan that can be refined for any audience in the organization. Why is this important? Because no true go-to-market, beginning to end, all-encompassing strategy omits a department. In fact, a key trait as a PMM is understanding the viewpoints of others and highlighting value. Ask yourself:

  • Does your sales team understand how to position a beta product?
  • Has your success team been equipped to upsell the right customer with the new offering?
  • Will your implementation team be equipped to configure the best environment?

Coordinating this knowledge transfer is a big tasks, but building a solid foundation for clear definition of roles, responsibilities, and deliverables can result in big wins.