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Setting boundaries as a product marketer | Selin Tyler, Dolby Laboratories

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A little about Selin

Selin Tyler is the Senior Director, Head of Product Marketing at Dolby Laboratories. After graduating with an MBA from Harvard, Selin began her journey as a product manager.

In the role, Selin eventually started taking on responsibilities and projects that she'd later find equated to product marketing. With that realization in mind, she pursued product marketing opportunities at LinkedIn and Meta, before landing at Dolby Laboratories, where she is today.

Key talking points

During their chat, Selin, and host Mark Assini explore a variety of topics, all centered around the idea of boundaries as a product marketer. They cover ground on boundaries between work and home, between teams, or between saying yes and no.

Here, Selin drops a ton of knowledge, insights, and helpful tips that anyone, not just product marketers, can take to heart to help them maintain their sanity and health at work.

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Charley Gale

Charley Gale

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Setting boundaries as a product marketer | Selin Tyler, Dolby Laboratories