An intro to narrative design [eBook]

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Narrative design - an underestimated strategy. And yet, essential when it comes to creating breakthrough product narratives, and successfully positioning your product to help it stand out from the crowd.

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This mini eBook lays the foundations for a solid narrative design strategy. Think of it as the perfect introduction to the function.

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  • What is narrative design?
  • How does it fit into product marketing?
  • Why is narrative design important?
  • What’s needed before developing a narrative design strategy?
  • The narrative design structure

Plus, some sections are taken directly from the Narrative Design Certified: Masters course to give you a preview of what to expect - you can’t say we don’t treat you. 😉

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All of the information within this eBook has been provided by Marcus Andrews, Director of Product Marketing at, and the creator of the Narrative Design Certified: Masters course we have at Product Marketing Alliance.

Marcus knows narrative design like the back of his own hand - having helped build the strategy into what it is today. He has countless experiences working with well-known professionals in the field to build and develop the function, including April Dunford and Dave Gerhardt.

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📖 Blow away marketing leadership with your storytelling skills.

🔥 Help your company stand out from the crowd.

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🚗 Drive real and tangible organization-wide change.

👊 Learn from the man who’s spearheading narrative design.

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