An intro to product marketing OKRs

Metrics & OKRs

We love equipping product marketers with wicked resources to take them to the top of the tree - and beyond. But what’s the point of exhausting yourself and your team, if you don’t know how to track your success?

Fear not, we’ve popped together an all-encompassing eBook on all things OKRs, so you can be sure you’re all singing off the same hymn sheet and hitting the right notes.

We’ve racked our brains and nudged our knowledge into a 24-page publication addressing key questions about OKRs, like:

  • Why are OKRs important? (Trust us, they are!)
  • What are the 4 types of OKRs?
  • Why is specificity important?
  • How do I report on OKRs?

As usual, we’ve left no page unturned, no key questions unanswered, and no product marketer behind.

Download your free copy - our treat. 👇😉

A taste of what to expect:

  • Easy ways to calculate win rates
  • A whole host of bite-sized content
  • Actionable tips to enhance your practice
  • Invaluable insights from leading product marketers
  • Actionable toolkit to implement everything you learn

Hungry for more?

If getting your teeth stuck into this eBook leaves you yearning for more, don’t sweat it, ‘cos things are about to get even better.

Our Product Marketing Certification covers 10 more areas of product marketing, from research to optimization. Pass your exams, and you’ll even become Product Marketing Certified.

So, let’s get you started - no time like the present. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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