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Competing is a team sport [OnDemand]

Competitive Intelligence | Webinars

It's imperative that GTM teams adopt a culture of sharing to increase competitive performance. This means arming their buyers with the same competitive intel they arm their sellers with.

The culture of sharing is about how PMM and Enablement gather these insights, share across the org and create a receptive culture that will work 2-ways. The intel gathered informs the entire organization on what the buyer needs.

Jarod Greene, VP of Product Marketing at Highspot, and Adam Houghton, VP of Success at Klue will discuss how you can foster a collaborative, sharing culture that promotes your competitive advantage.

Catch the replay of this webinar to learn how to:

  • Build collaboration and adopt a ‘Culture of Sharing’. The definition of ‘compete’ goes beyond just product, it’s embedded in everything you do
  • Expand the role of PMM + Enablement, and bring that top seller knowledge across the organization
  • Effectively communicate across your org what the market and buyers are doing and what’s changed - not just focusing on sellers
  • Focus more on the ‘middle’ of the bell curve.

About the speakers

Jarod Greene is the VP of Product Marketing at Highspot. His role embodies the idea of helping people solve problems by connecting them through information. He values subject matter, and loves "connecting the disconnected" through context-specific similes, metaphors, and stories.

Adam Houghton is the VP of Success at Klue. He has over 20 years experience building, developing and scaling high performing and diverse pre and post-sales teams focused on driving retention, net revenue growth, platform adoption and operational excellence in customer-centric SaaS companies.

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Klue is an AI-powered Competitive Intelligence platform designed to help product marketers collect, curate, and deliver actionable competitor insights to empower Sales to win more business

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Competing is a team sport [OnDemand]