Convince the boss: Building a Product Marketing Team


Wanna enroll in our Building a Product Marketing Team course, but don’t know how to approach your boss about it?

We’ve got you covered.

Just copy and paste this email, personalize it, and let us do the convincing for you.

Dear [Your boss' name],

I’m writing to request your support for my ongoing professional development. As you’re aware, I’m keen to expand my skillset in leadership and team building, and I've recently come across a course offered by Product Marketing Alliance that would help me gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to progress in my career.

PMA's Building a Product Marketing Team course is led by Andrew Hatfield, and is designed for aspiring PMM leaders and VP PMMs looking to expand and develop their product marketing teams. The course consists of 5 modules, and tackles the challenges of building and leading PMM teams. The program will provide me with the opportunity to learn about how to create a PMM team that fosters cross-functional alignment and accelerates business growth.

I believe that this course will be beneficial not only for me but also for the company as a whole. By learning new skills from a world-renowned product marketing strategist, I'll be well-placed to build an effective PMM team, and demonstrate the wider value and impact of product marketing. The program also covers topics that align with our strategic goals, including:

[Include bullet list of things our program offers that aligns with your company goals e.g. team management, how to build and scale a team, budgeting, etc.]

Overall, the Building a Product Marketing Team program offers a valuable and practical learning experience that’s specifically tailored to existing, and aspiring, leaders.

I’m excited about the opportunity to apply what I take from the course to my work and make a positive impact on the company.

However, the cost of the program is $500, which is beyond my personal budget. I’m hoping that the company could provide a learning and development budget to support my participation in this program. I’d be happy to share the program details with you and discuss how this investment aligns with the company's goals. You can read more about the program here.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to hearing back from you.


[Your Name]