Convince the boss: Metrics Certified

Templates & Frameworks

Interested in getting Metrics Certified, but are unsure how to ask key stakeholders to open their wallets? 💵

It can be daunting asking your superiors to open their wallets to fund extra-curricular resources. So, we've put together a resource that'll calm your nerves and do the hard work for you. 😁

Copy and paste this email 👇 (or download this doc), fill in the gaps, and send it to your boss.

You'll be refining your knowledge of all things metrics in no time. 👍

Hey [insert name],

I’ve been looking into purchasing Product Marketing Alliance’s Metrics Certified: Masters course and was wondering whether [insert company name] would be willing to offer any financial support?

Once I enrol onto the course, I’ll be able to access templates, frameworks and interviews by product marketing leaders from the likes of Spotme, Qualtrics, Adobe, Spotify, and more - I’d be able to tap directly into their tried and tested strategies.

This course provides a systematic approach to improving the way product marketers choose, track and improve their metrics and I really believe it’ll help me - and the company - revolutionize the way we approach our KPIs and key results.

As well as being built with some of the world’s biggest brands, PMA’s courses are already trusted by the likes of TikTok, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, LinkedIn, HubSpot, and more. Here’s what just one of their students had to say:

“PMA is the new standard of excellence to help product marketers lead their product lines and companies to the next level.” Marc Stitt, Chief Marketing Officer at FMX

All PMA’s courses are regularly reviewed and updated by experts so purchasing this course would provide me with an infinite platform to continue my professional development with gold-standard L&D programs.

Let me know if you have any questions or need anything else from me at this stage. I’d love to discuss the opportunity with you further.


[Your name]