We caught up with Anna Borbotko ahead of her presentation "The Science Behind Feedback Gathering From Developers" at the Developer Marketing Summit. 👇

Video Transcript

Hi there, my name is Anna Borbotko, and I'm a product marketing expert at TomTom, the location technology provider. When it comes to product marketing, I'm very passionate about positioning and messaging, and I'm a great believer that communicating about your products and services is best when even your grandma understands it.

What will you be discussing at the Developer Marketing Summit?

At the upcoming Developer Marketing Summit, I'll be sharing the science behind feedback gathering from developers and what you can do to be successful in this mission.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to share with the attendees?

I hope to leave you some practical tools that you can use on your current or future project. And I also hope to convince you that if you want to approach developers successfully, you need to remember to be a human.

Why is it important to shine the light on developer marketing?

I think it's important to shine the light on developing marketing because we still don't know enough what's working with them and what's not, and it's everything opposite of what we learned at school about marketing. So the verdict is always be learning.

Which other sessions are you looking forward to at the Developer Marketing Summit?

I'm looking forward to watching a panel discussion on marketing invisible products to technical audience and a keynote on a marketer's guide to building a developer program.

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