How-to: Add my certification to my LinkedIn

Completed your first… second… even third course?
⭐ You superstar! ⭐
Lets get that certificate and share it on LinkedIn shall we 👍

🌈 Side note: (You all know I love a side-note…)

At the end of your course you should be shown some instructions on how-to add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile but if this is missing - I am here to show you the way my friend.

All you have to do is:

👉 Tap here - it’s true… Did you even get certified if it isn’t on social media?
👣 Follow the steps (easy peasy, lemon squeezy)

🎓 And…. Bob’s your uncle!
You are all set to show that certificate off to the world 🤩 (and all of us here at The Alliance are cheering you on!)