Laying the Foundations: Advancing Your Product Marketing Skills [eBook]


It’s only natural for current and aspiring product marketing leaders to seek that strategic edge to propel their function, organization, and product marketing career to the next level.

Oftentimes, as a product marketer, you’ll know what to do in your role - but do you know how best to do it? Do you know how to create solid Go-to-Market strategies, track success, and feed that strategic thinking back to the C-suite?

In this eBook, we dip our toe into five key areas you need to gain the influence you deserve, perform to your optimum potential, and continue your product marketing career journey, including:

🗺 Appreciating the importance of strategic roadmapping

💰 Understanding pricing strategies and roadmaps

⬆️ Elevating product positioning

🚀 Aligning Go-to-Market strategy

🤝 Refining professional relationship management

Grab this indispensable guide and lay the foundations for the steps of your product marketing career path. 👇