Calculating and increasing battlecard ROI [OnDemand]


Are your sales battlecards working? Could they work better? Find out how you can improve your battlecard ROI and increase your win rates and deal sizes.. 👇

Increased win rates + larger deal sizes = a happier, unified sales team + better business results.

AKA what you’ve already dreamed of achieving with your battlecard program, right?

But how do you know if yours is actually working?

Anecdotal evidence can be instructive, but you want numbers. Luckily, we've got a few handy tips and tricks to help evaluate where you need to be - and how to get there.

Catch the replay of this session as we help take the guesswork out of your battlecards, making sure they're working for you and your teams to increase that all-important ROI.

Key takeaways:

⚙️ How to figure out the effectiveness of your battlecards

💰 How to get buy-in from sales

📈 How to expect 30% higher win rates when using battlecards

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