What a year it’s been for your membership plan!

With the launch of toolkits, learning paths, fundamentals courses, in-person event passes, private workspaces plus all the BAU goodness you’ve come to expect, an awful lot’s gone into your dashboard.

Refresh yourself on everything right here.

But for now, let's check out this month's membership roundup. 👀

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- Rich, CEO & Founder @ Product Marketing Alliance

What you've been reading this month:

A/B testing: your ticket to defining high intent customers for funnel acceleration

Stephanie Menz, Senior Manager of Customer Marketing at Toast

It's important to start thinking about applying different content across segments to help increase the engagement of your customer base. Stephanie discusses how to start utilizing A/B testing to help define your target audience, focusing specifically on areas such as customer marketing upsell, what the upsell funnel looks like, and more.

Start A/B testing

The science of product marketing

The science of product marketing

Anaud Ganpaul, Head of Product Marketing at Achievers

With 25 years of enterprise marketing experience, Anuad shares product marketing practices that will enable you to become more data-driven and influential within your organization. Looking at the themes: the science of product marketing, how to structure and measure, technologies that used to be more scientific, and how to effectively communicate those results.

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Prioritizing personas as an investment in building a comprehensive lifecycle framework

Adria Fischer, Director of Customer Marketing at Sovos

In this article, Adria emphasizes that the key to engaging customers is an investment in developing robust and dynamic customer personas. Specifically, she focuses on how your personas interact with your business, your product, or your service, as well as how they engage, knowing what they need, and why they matter.

Understand customer personas

A PMM’s journey in launching a new category

A PMM’s journey in launching a new category

Christine Tran, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Quantum Metric

Using the case study of how Quantum Metric launched their category and continuous product design, Christine discusses the role product marketing plays in helping organizations continuously build and deliver customer-centric digital products.

Launch your category

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Membership content
From customer segmentation to climbing up the ladder, learn from some of the industry’s leading product marketers with our exclusive, members-only content.

Even more OnDemand footage is waiting for you

Product Marketing Trailblazers 2021 | OnDemand
Catch up on every session from Product Marketing Trailblazers 2021 and hear talks from the likes of Google, SoundCloud, Miro, Square & more.

Earlier in December, Product Marketing Trailblazers went live.  Catch up on two days worth of content from PMMs at Google, SoundCloud, Miro, Square, & more.

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Templates and frameworks

This month, we added two more templates to your dashboard:

Churn rate prediction framework | Sales Enablement

Time To Value framework (TTV) | Onboarding

Here are the rest. 👇

Templates and frameworks | Product Marketing Alliance
From business case templates to launch checklists to win-loss question master lists to onboarding frameworks, as a product marketer, there are tons of tools you could have in your box to streamline, optimize and improve your efforts. But where do you get them from?

Member-only events

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out your exclusive member councils. They take place on the second Wednesday of every month. Find the key deets here. 👇

PMA Member Council: Leadership
Introducing: the PMA Leadership Council, our monthly roundtable for PMA members. Connect with your peers in this closed group to build your leadership skills, discuss industry trends, and tackle the common problems that impact those at the top of the PMM career ladder.

Upcoming events

Product Marketing MisUnderstood (coming soon)
How can we get our colleagues to understand product marketing and the value it brings to the organisation? We'll be diving into that realm in our next virtual event, so stay tuned.

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New features to pro and annual memberships

What’s new in your PMA membership plan?
We’re sure you don’t need a reminder of how awesome your membership is, but we’re gonna show you anyway. Here’s a reminder of the awesome features we’ve brought your way during the last few months.

We've added two new features for annual members of the pro membership plan:

✅ Unlimited access to our fundamentals courses
✅ 20% discount to any in-person events of your choosing each year, for as long as you keep your subscription.

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Elsewhere on PMA...

2021's Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers
100 industry experts have been placed on a pedestal by the PMM community for redefining standards, shaping direction in the field, acquiring new talent into the role, and inspiring PMMs everyday.

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The return of the Product Marketing Salary
Once again, we’ve uncovered earnings within the product marketing space. With three reports:

🌍 Global Salary report
🇺🇸 US Salary report
🇪🇺 EU Salary report

There’s something for everyone - wherever you are.

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