Mentorship program FAQs


Q. How can I reach out to PMM mentors and how often can I seek support?

A: There’s no limit to the support you receive from your mentor. They can be contacted via the app or the Mentor section of your dashboard.

Q. How many mentors (or mentees) can I have simultaneously?

A: Mentors can have up to three mentees at one time, and mentees can have one mentor at the moment.

Q. How can I get help with the program?

A: Either contact us directly using the chat function (bottom-right of your screen) or go straight to the source. We use an app called Together to run our mentor program and they have some super useful FAQs/help articles here.

Q. Who schedules sessions?

A: We suggest that the mentor sends an introduction and the first calendar invite. After that, both of you should feel comfortable to send an invitation for a session.

Q. What's my commitment with my mentor/mentee?

A: We generally recommend mentors and mentees meet every other week, but you may wish to meet weekly or monthly instead. Make sure to set aside time with your mentor in session one to discuss what meeting frequency works for you.

Q. Is the program free of charge?

A: Some mentors charge for their time, but others are happy to mentor for free.
You should ask a mentor about this in your first conversation to make sure.