Nothing “artificial” about it: How to use human intelligence to deliver true competitive advantage [OnDemand]


Discover the secret weapon for driving growth, adoption, and market share and why it's beneficial for meaningful differentiation.

It seems like AI's grabbing all the headlines, but have you heard of human intelligence (HUMINT)?

It remains the secret weapon for savvy product marketers who want to find the critical wedge to drive growth, adoption, and market share.

Which is why we're here to discuss all the facets that go into conducting human intelligence, including:

→ Ethics,
→ Scoping projects,
→ Stakeholder buy-in, loads more.

Catch the replay of our session as we walk through specific case studies of product marketing-focused primary research studies to find out how to use these findings to drive meaningful differentiation.

Key takeaways:

🔎 How to use primary human intelligence as a product insights tool.

🧠 The basics of human intelligence techniques.

✅ ❌ How to scope a human intelligence project – including what can and cannot be done.

🗣 How to communicate the value of human intelligence to your stakeholders.

Meet your expert hosts: