Product Marketing Salary Survey 2023

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The Product Marketing Salary Survey embodies transparency, bringing to light the salaries of product marketing professionals globally.

With your input, our report will take a deep dive into how salaries around the world compare, with the goal of uncovering:

  • How location impacts your earning potential
  • Whether gender and ethnicity affect pay equity
  • The role company growth stage plays in your salary
  • What benefits you should be receiving
  • If you're being paid fairly compared to your peers

… and a whole range of other variables that are guaranteed to help you benchmark your salary, ensure you're being paid your worth, and give you the confidence to negotiate your next salary.

In 2022...

  • The global baseline salary average (without factoring in other variables like location, job title, gender, and so on) was $119,546.
  • The region with the highest average salary was North America ($141,188).
  • Those who considered themselves a minority (in any capacity) were earning $9,872, on average, more than those who didn’t.
  • A promotion from Director of Product Marketing to VP of Product Marketing granted our respondents the highest salary increase, with an average hike of $38,973.
  • B2B PMMs earn more than B2C PMMs ($120,021 > $100,882).
  • Those who are product marketing certified were earning a significantly higher baseline salary average of $124,282 per year than those who aren’t.

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