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PMM Talks | How can you become a master of messaging?

PMM Talks | Product Messaging | Messaging & Positioning | OnDemand

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How can you become a master of messaging and make sure your product’s value is communicated to customers effectively?

Creating awesome messaging is definitely a product marketing superpower.

Messaging is about WAY more than just reeling off a bunch of awesome features and benefits.

It’s about the internal and external perception of your product, strategic guidance for sales and marketing, and laying the foundation for lucrative lead conversion through cohesive content and communication.

Sounds pretty straightforward, huh? Well, not exactly…

This month’s PMM Talks discussion we heard from three product marketing leaders on how they have approached messaging, their wins, failures, and everything in between.

Where we chatted to them about:

  • Building messaging frameworks
  • Harnessing the voice of your customer
  • Mapping your messaging to your buyer's journey
  • How to validate messaging
  • Keeping internal teams in sync with your messaging

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Meet the speakers:

Tim Hinds, Product Marketing & Co-Founder at Grokspark

Tim, with over 10 years of experience, built Grokspark Messaging & Positioning Hub to help B2B product marketers help their target audiences "get it" faster.

He enjoys helping companies punch above their weight with their product marketing.

Shirin Shahin, Product Marketing Leader & Founder at Shirin Shahin

Shirin found her business in 2019 with the goal of supporting businesses who are looking to build their product marketing foundation, from early-stage technology startups to larger organizations.

She teaches companies how to understand their customers and consistently tell the story of their products to fit these needs across product, sales and marketing channels.

Holly Watson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Amazon Web Services

Holly works diligently to foster great working relationships with all teams as a Product Marketing leader.

She built and implemented a cross-department go-to-market strategy and works closely with Product to define and implement new product development.

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Written by:

Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

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PMM Talks | How can you become a master of messaging?