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Sound familiar? Our bi-weekly AMA sessions provide awesome access to tailored advice from leading experts honing their skills in core PMM areas. Here's how they work:

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Check out our latest AMAs (plus an array of archived advice 😉) and ask away. 👇

Been & gone

Building product marketing from scratch
Wed April 7th (5PM GMT), Stephanie Pilon, VP of Digital PMM at The Adecco Group, is answering your Qs on building PMM from scratch. Learn from a VP with experience of building her own team. Ask away!
Remote leadership for PMMs
Wednesday March 24th (9AM PST), Bettina Jakobsen, Global Strategic Project Manager/Head of Nordics & France at trivago, will be answering your Qs on remote leadership for PMMs.
How to add value in your first 30 days on the team
Wednesday March 10th (9AM PST), Aneri Shah, Product Marketing Manager at WhatsApp, Inc., will be answering your questions on how to add value in your first 30 days on the team.
Customer segmentation
Wednesday, February 24th (9AM PST), Tamara Grominsky, VP of Strategic Growth at Unbounce, will be answering your questions on customer segmentation. Ask away!
Selling your skills for a PMM role
Wednesday February 10th (12PM EST), Abby Barsky, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cord, will be answering your questions on selling your skills for a PMM role. Ask away!
What good messaging looks like
Wednesday, January 27th (9AM EST), Sean Zinsmeister, VP of Product Marketing at ThoughtSpot, will be answering your questions on what good messaging looks like.
Translating consumer insights into PMM strategies
January 13th (12pm EST), Aashima Praveen, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bumble, will be answering your questions on translating consumer insights into product marketing strategies. Ask away!
Building a marchitecture
December 16th (12PM EST), Ali Hanyaloglu, Head of Global Product Marketing at Akeneo, will be answering your questions on building a marchitecture. Get involved with the last AMA of 2020 and ask away.
Considerations when entering new markets
December 2nd, (10am UTC) Vincent Xu, Marketing Lead at Google, will be answering Qs on key considerations when entering new markets. Submit your questions.
PMM hard and soft skills
November 18th (12PM EST) Francisco Bram, Head of Global Product Marketing at Uber, will be answering your Qs on soft and hard skills needed in product marketing.
GTM process and scaling for success
Jeffrey Vocell, Director of Product Marketing at Iterable, is discussing GTM strategy and scaling for success. November 4th, 12pm EST.
Persona studies
October 21st, Grace Kuo, Dir. of PMM at Udemy for Business will be answering all your questions on persona studies. Get ’em in 👇
Building a compelling proposition
Sunny Dhami, Senior Director of PMM & GTM at RingCentral will be lifting the lid on how to build a compelling proposition. October 7th, 12pm EST.
Putting Processes in Place for Product Launches
Planning your next product launch? Alex Virden, Senior PMM at EVERFI will be answering all your questions on how to put the correct processes in place. Go on, ask away!
Product storytelling
Wanna learn how to tell a killer story? Elliott Rayner, Head of Product Marketing at Babbel, will be answering all your questions on the topic. Get ’em in now.
AMA: Setting up a product marketing consultancy
Whether you’re an aspiring, new or experienced product marketing consultant, get the answers you need from PMM pro Devon O’Rourke.
AMA: Developing your career in product marketing
Looking to make your next move up the product marketing career ladder? Teresa Haun, Director of Product Marketing at Zendesk, will be revealing all on August 12th.
AMA: scaling product marketing internationally
Wanna expand the reach of your PMM function? Tom Smith, Director, Product Marketing - EMEA at Salesforce talks scaling product marketing internationally on July 29th, 12pm EST. Get your questions in.
AMA: Pricing and packaging strategies
Involved in pricing and packaging? Then you’re gonna want to be involved in this AMA with Toast’s Director of Market Insights and Pricing, Ashley Murphy.
AMA: Customer Advisory Boards
Dropbox’s Head of Global Customer Marketing, Bree Bunzel, will be taking any and all questions around building Customer Advisory Boards and customer feedback loops.
AMA: Building an online community from scratch
We get tons of requests asking how we built such an engaged online community and as we approach the 10,000 member milestone, Rich will be sharing some of the secrets behind his success.
AMA: Sales enablement with Kelly Esten
Toast’s VP of Product and Partner Marketing , Kelly Esten, will be answering literally anything on sales enablement. Drop your questions in the comments and they’ll be answered on June 3rd!
Collaborating across the organisation
Collaboration is a foundational and fundamental skill for any product marketer, so on May 6th, Sprinklr’s Director of Product Marketing, Holly Watson, will be on hand to all your collaboration Qs.
AMA: Product marketing through the COVID-19 disruption
On April 29th, G2′s Director of Product Marketing, Yoni Solomon, will be focusing on how product marketers specifically can navigate through the COVID-19 disruption.
AMA: Scaling campaigns to reach the 99%
Martin Aguinis, Flutter’s Head of Global Marketing, will be taking time out to share his tried, tested and proven recipe for scaling campaigns and events to reach that 99% worldwide.
AMA: How to nail your product’s messaging
On April 1st, SurveyMonkey’s Director of Product Marketing, Sarah Din, will be taking an hour out of her schedule to answer any and all of your messaging Qs. Got a question? Get it in.
AMA: narrative design - the what and why
HubSpot’s Principal Product Marketing Manager, Marcus Andrews, will be taking over our AMAs on March 18th to answer all your questions on narrative design - something he predicts will replace product positioning in 2020.
AMA: Best practices when engaging with the C-suite
Axel Kirstetter, Merill Corporation’s VP of Product Marketing, Content Marketing & Pricing, will be hosting an AMA on engaging with the C-suite: best practices for PMMs to work with heads of product, finance, sales, marketing and service.
AMA: Scaling product marketing teams from the ground up
Cheq’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Genson Glier, will be sharing his expertise and answering your questions on how to scale product marketing teams from the ground up on March 4th, 3pm EST.
AMA: Working remotely as a product marketer
Speaking from experience, GitLab’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, William Chia, will be sharing his tips on how to navigate remote working as a PMM on February 26th.
AMA: thought leadership that boosts pipeline
BlueCat Networks’ Product Marketing Manager, Mark Mikhail, will be answering any and all questions around creating thought leadership pieces that tangibly boost pipeline.
AMA: Key PMM metrics and OKRs
Div Manickam will be answering any questions you have around some of product marketing’s key metrics and OKRs: Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) and Revenue Retention for SaaS.
Gathering and Staying on top of competitor intel
This Friday, IBM’s VP of Product Marketing, Priya Doty, will be taking questions and giving her advice on how to best gather and stay on top of competitor intel. If you’ve got a question (or two) you want answering, get them in by 12pm EST.