“August is a quiet month” … said no one at the PMA ever.

Here’s a preview of just some highlights that have been going down at HQ this summer:

🚀 We’ve launched PMA Exec Membership - a new, exclusive hub for senior-level PMM execs. If you haven’t yet, apply to join.

🎧  We’ve launched not one, not two, but three brand new podcasts jam-packed with expertise from experts in the field: Storyselling | Ready, Set, Go-to-Market | Product Marketing Careers

📝 Work on the Sales Enablement Landscape Vol. 2 has officially begun

🏆 We’ve finalized the nominee shortlist for the 2021 Product Marketing Awards

Aaaaaand breathe. Now, that was just the beginning, grab a coffee and get your fix below ✌️

- Rich, CEO & Founder @ Product Marketing Alliance

How to make competitive intelligence useable for your team

Over in the PMA Slack community, Morgan Greene, Lead Product Marketing Manager at Swiftly, Inc. recently raised a great question that quickly became a talking point amongst other PMMs quick to offer their advice.

Capturing your competitive intelligence is half the battle. Without an actionable strategy in place, your CI might as well just be floating around in the aether. We discuss how to apply competitive intelligence to your team, and advice on how to use competitive intelligence findings.

Improve your intel

Introducing product marketing to an org from scratch

Every organization grows to the point where it needs to introduce a product marketing function to continue scaling and stay fast, effective, transparent, consistent, and cohesive. In other words: competitive.

In this article, Daria Gogoleva, Marketing Lead at Insense, outlines the benefits of having a product marketing team, and how to introduce the function into your org in the right way.

Discover the fundamentals

Vancery offers an all-in-one market research platform. Access your users, customers, or industry professionals via paid surveys, one-on-one, or group interviews, screen share, and direct messaging. Tools enable teams to gather data, identify trends, and gain contextual insights; all data, transcripts and videos can be archived and shared.

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What is in-app messaging, and when is it used?

When executed properly, in-app messaging can significantly improve the user’s experience; messaging that’s contextual and personalized not only improves your chances of converting a lead into a customer, but it can also increase your customer retention rate.

So, with this in mind, what is in-app messaging, and what role can it play at your company?

Enhance your messaging

New in the PMA Membership Plan

Specialist content from:

  • Richard Doherty, Senior Director of Product Marketing EMEA at Workday | Clarifying your role as an outbound product marketer
  • Werner Schmidt, VP of Sales Enablement at Sage | Sales enablement and technology
  • Natalie Malevsky, Product Marketing Specialist at Tru.ID | Mars and venus research: market insights, meet data science

Templates library

This month, we added two more templates to our collection of resources, exclusive to PMA members:

  • Customer experience map | Sales Enablement
  • Product requirements document template | Go-to-Market

Not a PMA member yet? Take a look at the wide selection of awesome features that could be landing in your lap.

Your next role?

  • Product Marketing Manager | OpenReel | New York (Remote)
    OpenReel is the leading Remote Video Creation platform, empowering enterprises, consumer brands, media companies, and agencies to direct and film professional quality video content from over 125 countries.

    As OpenReel’s Product Marketer, you will play a strategic role in advocating for the customer’s needs, collaborating cross-functionally to help realize the product roadmap and grow customer segments, as well as bringing data and ideas together to help solidify OpenReels’ position as a market-leading solution.
  • Sr. Product Marketing Manager | Mavenlink | Salt Lake City (Remote)
    Mavenlink delivers enterprise-grade SaaS that transforms how businesses work with distributed teams, contractors, and clients around the globe. Mavenlink's innovative technology suite enables organizations of any size to successfully manage and scale their people, projects, revenue, and profitability.

    As the Senior Product Marketing Manager, you will own the successful launch of powerful, first-in-market features to a wide range of internal and external audiences. You will become an expert on their customer personas, market opportunities, and the competitive landscape of your area of the product.

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Companies listing roles include: Optimizely, Intercom, SAP, Atlassian, Facebook.

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