PMA Recruit

With 1000s of jobs posted daily, making your job advert stand out in an ultra-competitive market isn't easy.

In fact, last year, it took companies 42 days, on average, to fill a position.

But, what if we told you we can alleviate the pressure and deliver stellar candidates, tailor-made for your company?

Introducing PMA Recruit, a 360° recruitment partner offering bespoke candidate sourcing. 🙌🏽

What is PMA Recruit?

Sign up, and we'll have your company's best interests at the forefront of our minds from the offset.

Our team will move heaven and earth to understand the essential skills your candidates require, your hiring process, company culture, and the job order.

Once we're equipped with the essentials, we'll scour our heavily-guarded network for kick-ass candidates who'll go hand in glove with your company.

Why PMA Recruit?

Our candidates trust us, a lot. We never put a candidate forward unless we know your company meets their requirements and they're committing to helping you achieve your short and long-term targets.

It's a two-way service, trusted on both sides of the recruitment spectrum.

And it gets even better - try these on for size:

📝 PMA's content team's fluent in the language of product marketing. You'll get indispensable advice on how to write engaging job description copy that'll be impossible to ignore.

🧑‍💻 Ever interviewed a near-perfect candidate, only to see them fall at the final hurdle? Not anymore. We've 100’s of long & short courses that can be included as part of the package, to help you upskill any candidate

🌍 Product Marketing Alliance is home to the world's largest network of PMMs, with practitioners from globally-recognized brands such as Amazon Web Services, TikTok, and Uber identifying PMA as their single source of truth.

We’re not here to make a quick buck; we wanna ease the talent pain points felt by so many organizations.

Say "goodbye" to mediocre hires, email Jordan Dunne, and recruit candidates who'll tick all the boxes.

Rather discuss the program virtually? No problem. Jordan'll be thrilled to help. 👇