Product Marketing Salaries in the US

Product Marketing

Product marketers in the US made up two-thirds of our global salary survey responses and all in all, 1,081 Americans completed our questions. So, we thought it was only fair to dedicate a standalone report to their and only their salaries.

In this download, you’ll be able to get your hands on info like:

  • Salary differences by state
  • Compensation climbs as you move up the ladder
  • Overall satisfaction when it comes to pay
  • Stats around leadership support

And a whole load more, of course.

A few teasers to get you going...

💰 The average Director of Product Marketing earns $166,255

👨🏼‍🦱 Men take home almost $1,000 more than women a month

🖥 Computer & Network Security is the most lucrative industry

⏰ A typical working week in San Francisco is 50 hours

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