Recruitment hub

Here, you'll find everything you need to attract and recruit top product marketing talent, including:

  • Interview questions, split by seniority, topic, and company
  • Sample interview tasks
  • Example job descriptions
  • Recruitment templates
  • Recruitment presentations

Recruitment packs

Crammed with sample interview questions, tasks, and job descriptions.

Recruitment packs
Looking to fill a vacancy on your team? From Associate all the way through to VP-level, these packs contain everything you need - from getting the word out to testing candidates’s skills.

Job interview questions

Split by seniority, topic, and company.

Interview questions by job title
Everything you need to hire top talent.
Interview questions by topic
From competitive intelligence to sales enablement, research to collaboration, unlock interview question master lists for every possible product marketing topic.
Interview questions by company
Wondering what global giants like LinkedIn, Uber, Amazon and Intercom ask candidates during their recruitment process? Wonder no more here’s a master list.

Recruitment templates

Frameworks for new starter success.

Recruitment templates
From new hire onboarding checklists to 30-60-90 day plans to product marketing career tables, arm your new hires with everything they need for success.

Recruitment presentations

Before you recruit, it's useful to understand how you'll structure and scale your product marketing department to ensure you're filling the right gaps. See how leaders from Uber, IBM, Shopify, and more do just that.

Recruitment presentations
From how to scale and structure your product marketing team to growing great PMMs, learn from leaders at the likes of Shopify, G2, IBM, Uber, and more.