State of Product Marketing Metrics 2023 survey

Survey | Metrics & OKRs

We’re digging deep into uncharted territory with an enthralling, upcoming report: State of Product Marketing Metrics 2023 is an exploration of how PMMs are using metrics to optimize their essential practices. 📊

Complete the survey, share your feedback, and play a pivotal role in our latest investigation.

NB: Please complete every question in as much detail as possible, to ensure we can deliver a write-up befitting you and the PMM community. ❤️

In 2022, our research indicated 56.4% of product marketers identified metrics/reporting as one of their core responsibilities - and let’s face it, it’s easy to see why.

We’re honing in on the intricacies of the topic with our brand-new report, bringing you answers to key questions, including:

📈 What are the most common PMM metrics?

📣 How’re PMMs sharing metrics and results with other teams?

✅ How do leaders use metrics and reporting to assess their team?

Plus much more...

But first, we need your input. Your support. Your expertise.

Share your intel, as we prepare to write a report that'll revolutionize your metrics reporting.