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Tactical advice and learnings for user-centered growth from companies like Canva

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In this talk, we'll discuss how to keep the user at the center of the business during rapid expansion into different markets, product verticals and audiences, as well as during internal demands and changes. Product marketers are in a unique position to be a strategic driver of growth and influence.

Learn tactics that hyper-growth companies like Canva, and Kahoot! use to work cross-functionally to gather and distill a broad range of consumer, market and competitive insights, and deliver user testing to understand impact.

Gain practical recommendations to build a scalable toolkit for undertaking valuable research in a high growth company, as well as best practices any product marketer can use tomorrow.

About the speaker

Daniella is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Canva, the online design and presentations tool. Canva is used by over 50 million users in 190 countries, and aims to empower everyone to design, create, and communicate visually, no matter their experience or background.

Daniella has a range of experience across enterprise, B2B and consumer marketing. Previously, she was the tenth employee at Kahoot!, the game-based learning platform which fosters  engagement in all types of learning experiences.

Daniella is originally from the UK and lives in Austin, TX. In her spare time she loves hiking, traveling, video games, museums and art, and trying out new types of gin.

Watch this OnDemand

Meet your host

Janine Jurji, Sr Product Marketing Manager @ Later

Janine loves building relationships and bringing people together in her personal and professional life, so it’s no wonder that she’s found her home in product marketing. With over 15 years of marketing experience, most recently in the social marketing, retail management and fintech space, Janine has worn many hats and has become an advocate for the crucial role product marketing plays in creating alignment, collaboration and buy-in across teams.

Originally from New Zealand where she majored in marketing and international business, Janine now lives in Vancouver, Canada and is the Snr. Product Marketing Manager at Later. There her focus is on leading GTM strategy, driving revenue and adoption, ensuring the customer’s voice is well integrated into all decision making, and creating processes that move teams forward together.

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Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance

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Tactical advice and learnings for user-centered growth from companies like Canva