The core pillars of sales enablement: Learning the fundamentals


Want to establish an exceptional sales enablement program? This eBook breaks down the essential pillars you need to know.

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Here's what you'll discover inside:

📈 The definition and goals of sales enablement

🤝 How cross-functional alignment supports revenue

💡 The critical role of sales onboarding and training

🧠 Why customer-centricity is key for sales teams

📰 How to develop impactful sales content

📊 Metrics and measurement best practices

🛠️ Must-have tech and tools for enablement‌‌

With insights informed by our comprehensive Sales Enablement Certified: Core course, this eBook equips you to build, run, and optimize a world-class enablement program.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of enablement's core pillars, setting your team up for enablement success.

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