The future of win-loss analysis [OnDemand]


Leveraging win-loss analysis to find (and fix) your go-to-market blind spots.🔎

In a time where every deal is sacred, you can't afford to be disconnected from your buyers and customers.

So what’s the best way to tap into the voice of your customers? Win-loss analysis.

But if you’re only collecting win-loss feedback from a handful of opportunities, you’re only getting part of the story around why you win and lose.

Now it’s time to start thinking about win-loss analysis differently.

Catch the replay of our live session with experts at TruVoice from CorporateVisions to find out about the future of win-loss analysis and how it'll transform B2B selling.

Key takeaways:

🔮 The past, present, and future state of win-loss analysis.

🔎 Leveraging win-loss to find (and fix) go-to-market blind spots.

🤩 How win-loss can inspire action, alignment, and change.

🤖 How AI will impact the way you use win-loss insights.

Meet your expert hosts:

Nick Siddoway, President and Chief Revenue Officer at TruVoice from CorporateVisions
Nick is a seasoned leader with a passion for developing individuals, coaching revenue teams, and providing organizational consulting services. With extensive experience across various industries, including technology, healthcare, and professional services, Nick excels in sales and operations roles.
Ryan Cuellar, Chief Delivery Officer at TruVoice from CorporateVisions
Ryan drives all facets of data acquisition and insight creation that our customers love. Relying on his extensive leadership, consulting, and presenting experience spanning multiple markets and industries, Ryan helps to contextualize the data to answer peoples burning questions.