The Product Marketing Field Guide [eBook]


Ever wondered what B2B product marketing will look like in 5 years time? Well, wonder no more.

We're thrilled to be bringing you The PMM Field Guide, produced by product marketer and SaaS researcher, Alexander Becker, and designed to explore what the B2B product marketing landscape might look like in th e not-too-distant future.

The book has been brought together through interviews with and insights from TONS of CMOs, marketing experts, and PMMs from global brands who know what they're talking about - like Notion, Gusto, Stripe and Drift, and it's all yours. For free.

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A taste of what's to come:

Here's what you can expect to find between the virtual covers of The PMM Field Guide eBook:

  • A quick history of B2B product marketing.
  • Theories around why the next 5 years could make or break B2B product marketing.
  • Intrepid exploration of 3 macro trends:

- Cheap development and pricey growth driving cutthroat competition.

- Customers demanding highly flexible, highly customizable SaaS products.

- The rise of product-led growth shaping SaaS GTM strategies.


11 predictions about what lies ahead for B2B marketing, including:

- Brand being a SaaS company's biggest competitive differentiator.

- User education driving top-of-funnel messaging.

- User-generated use cases driving product positioning.

- B2B PMMs will learn more B2C skills.

- Product marketing moving closer to product management.

...and much more!

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Still not convinced? Check out this extract we've stolen straight from the eBook, just for you. ๐Ÿ‘‡

The future of B2B product marketing
An extract from The PMM Field Guide, produced by SaaS expert, Alexander Becker, and designed to explore what B2B product marketing will look like in five years.

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